Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Try X All Of Me - A Mashup Cover by Kexin, Clarence & Serena

Sometimes i get weary,
from the battles i'm fighting outside and within.

Sometimes i feel lost,
while searching for my true self amidst what everyone wants me to me.

Sometimes i get weighed down,
by expectations of how i should act, look, walk, talk, sing etc.

But you know you've found that someone, 
when you don't have to try,
cos all of him loves all of you, 
all your curves and all your edges, 
all your perfect imperfections :) 

Guitarist and Arranger: Clarence Yeo 
Percussionist: Serena Chen 
Videographer, Editor and Venue Provider: Jaex from Ideally Yours 
Sound Post-Production: Christopher Ang from B Cube Entertainment 

I feel so much for this video because of the amazing arrangement, 
& the instant chemistry on set with these 2 wonderful musicians friends!

Believe it or not, this video cover was our first time working together. 
Serena and Clarence have never met before, 
we jammed an hour before shoot and that's when the magic happened. 

Special mention also goes out to Jaex from Ideally Yours.
He's a really passionate videographer (and a great one too!!) and has always been 
greatly supportive of local music.
He actually bought equipment just so that we can record youtube videos in his studio.
Ideally Yours specializes in Wedding Photography, Videography and Bridal gown rental
so if you like what you saw in my youtube video,
hop on over to his website and check it out!! 
You'll be amazed by his works! 

Lastly, huge love to Christopher from B Cube Entertainment. 
B Cube Entertainment is one of the best sound provider in Singapore in my opinion
and has been my favourite provider for all my live gigs!! 
And of course the man behind all the goodness is Chris <3 
My youtube videos have never sounded so good before, 
and i gotta give it to him for the live sound enhancements!!

I really cannot thank them enough for their support, time and effort in making 
such a simple Youtube Video work. 
And if the video has resonated with you as an audience,
do share the love and joy :) 


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