Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Run For Hope, Sing For Hope!

Extremely privileged to be (one of the) voice for this year's
Cancer Run for Hope Charity Theme Song!

Lean On You (The Race) Music Video!

It was an initiative by InTune Music Producer Peng Chi Sheng
& vocal coach Aaron Lim!

What is Run for Hope?
Run For Hope (RFH) is an annual charity event organised by Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, Regent Singapore and the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) to raise much-needed funds for cancer research.

In Singapore, the staff of Four Seasons Hotel Singapore and Regent Singapore are involved in a year-long process – from planning, securing sponsorship and partnerships, to raising awareness and coordinating the run – of giving back to the community. Giving their time out of their daily responsibilities to organise the event, they also actively promote and donate to the cancer cause. Through their hotel staff activities leading up to the run, their Community Outreach team aims to raise and contribute at least $20,000 for Run For Hope.

Find out more about Run for Hope here http://runforhopesingapore.org/

The Run is happening on 18 November 2012!

A meaningful cause,
with a whole bunch of local artistes from different artistic trades,
musicians, actors & actresses etc.

We had a great time!

During the group recording session..
the studio was really hot with the lightings casted on our faces, 
but we had a great time laughing and enjoying ourselves! 
From left to right, Aaron from InTune Music, actors Lawrence and Jerry, 
aspiring singer-songwrite Serene, and far right hand corner veteran actress!
Jack & Rai joins in on the right hand side,
with Producer Chi Sheng in red pants!
More and more people started to stream into the studio,
it was a massive local artiste gathering!
From left to right; Jerome Won, Diya & Carrie 
Shimona (mouth agap) below!


Are you going for the run?

Monday, September 17, 2012

o o o o.. i'm chasing The Wanted!

Thanks to Singtel,
i got the chance to share some private time with The Wanted!

The webisode's out! Watch it here (: 

Most people of my age don't know who they are, 
but they are like a mega boyband for the teenage girls 
(think nsync, backstreet boys of our era)

The Wanted - Chasing the Sun

It was such a nerve-wrecking experience it being my FIRST TIME interviewing anyone,
and it HAD to be this mega huge boyband.
It's unbelievable.

At the press conference

To be honest, i had no idea who these boys are,
i didn't know their names, and i only knew one song (chasing the sun).
So i was frantically learning and matching their names to their faces.

Come interview time,
the boys were surprisingly really nice.
Mark the director was kind enough to let them know that it's my first time on the job,
so they were particularly kind to me.

I was tasked to ask them a series of fan questions very quickly,
and they had to answer spontaneously without much thought,
so they were making a whole lot of racket answering the questions all at one time.

They were so rowdy during the interview that i made a DEADLY MISTAKE, 
it's so unforgivable it's funny. 
I actually called them "The Switch" instead of "The Wanted". 

Thank GOD the boys were not paying attention but my camera crew were sniggering behind the lens.. 
I quickly skipped to the next question before they caught what i said, 
Good one for a first try kexin -_-

I think Max (the baldie) is the cutest!

Them doing the gangdam style

Anw they were really a crazy bunch,
they leaped up from their seats to do a gangdam style when i requested for one.
And they were cheering when i did my outro
"Hi my name is kexin,
i have a boyfriend,
but nothing is forever."

LOL. how's that for an outro.

Small chinese girl with the boys from The Wanted
Left to right: Nathan, Siva, Max, Jay, Tom. 

All in all it was a great first try!
Special thanks to Singtel folks though (leonard, pris, leya), the filming crew, makeup artiste
and Love, Bonito for my cutesy getup! (: 

My genius did it, not me?

Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius 
"rational humanism, BEING a genius rather than HAVING a genius, 
allowing one person to believe he is the vessel of the source 
of all divine creative unknowable eternal mystery,  
is a tad too much responsibility to put on one fragile human psyche, 
its like asking someone to swallow the sun.  
It warps and distorts egos, creates unmanageable expectations about performances, 
and the pressure of that has been killing off artistes for the past 500 years.."

We as humans, 
have all kind of assumed full responsibility for both our greatness and our failures.
But the sad fact is, we often have to fail many times before we finally taste the fruit of success. 
This is the nature of creative work,
either you have the talent, or you'll need a whole lot of hardwork, determination, 
& positive self-talk/self-belief to cross over the bridge to success. 

How can i love myself more, be a little self-critical?
How can i make myself believe that what i produce is not crap?
This whole notion of "loving thy self" just goes against principles of perfectionism 
- that is to beat yourself up over and over again until one day, you achieve perfection of your own terms.
Question is... do we really need to be so hard on ourselves? 

I love Elizabeth Gilbert's perspective of displacing creativity genius to another source
(I think she got that enlightenment from her days in the ashram hehe),
it gives me the chance to not kill myself over the lack of creative output,
it makes me believe that he or she, my genius, will come by again when i'm ready (: 
I think this works excellent for people like me, whose self-belief wavers from time to time. 

I can't remember how many times i've faulted myself for writing lousy songs, 
for sounding absolutely crappy, 
i have lots to learn, i gladly admit that, 
but attributing my outcome to an external source gives me the patience to pull through, 
allows me to keep "showing up for the part of my work", 
without the debilitating feelings of self-hate, procrastination and despair. 

I read a zite article on creativity and it gave a seemingly different POV. 
It says that creativity doesn't just dawn on one person like a angel sent from heaven, 
it resides within us, and waits patiently to be unearthed. 
That means creativity doesn't improve i.e one doesn't get more or less creative, 
because it is a product of our life experiences, 
an amalgamation of what we have already been exposed to. 
But that said, it means creativity can be enhanced with exposure to different life experiences. 
And what we creative people need to do is
to learn how to unlock the door to our unique creativity bank. 

While we're at it, 
we will fail, many times, 
and i think it's healthy for us to not feel too burdened by failure, 
externalizing it is probably the best way to do it, 
as long as we keep doing it and never give up. (: 

"don't be afraid, don't be daunted, 
just do your job, continue to show up for your piece of it.
If the divine genius assigned to your case decides to let 
some sort of wonderment to be glimpsed for just one moment through your efforts, 
then ole.
And if not, do your job anyhow.
Ole to you nonetheless,
 just for having the sheer human love and stubbornness to keep showing up."
- Elizabeth Gilbert on TEDTalks

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tocco Tenero Brand Ambassador 2012

Throughout the 6 months of Brand Ambassadorship,
I had been sooo pampered by Tocco Tenero!

Tocco Tenero @ Wisma Atria

I had a new arm candy every month,
and i had to resist all auntie urges and restrain myself
from grabbing all those gorgeous pieces each month!
It was indeed an internal struggle, a good struggle to face i would say (:

Before i go on any further,
here's a little introduction about Tocco Tenero.
Tocco Tenero meaning “Tender Touch” in Italian, is a label that showcases leather accessories such as handbags, wallets and belts in fashionable, outlandish style. It is a graceful blend of the vibrant pace of today’s fashion with the characteristics of traditional Italian culture, such as beauty, perfection and passion.

Tocco Tenero is owned by the Goodvine Group, which has a network of over 100 retail distribution points across 15 cities such as Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The group is involved in manufacturing, marketing, retailing and distribution of high-fashion and high-street fashion branded leatherwear, men's apparel and accessories.  
All Tocco Tenero products are crafted from 100% genuine leather, therefore far superior manufacturing and material quality is utilized. The brand aims to do it while maintaining original designs and a similar form of competitive pricing.

I'm a sucker for leather products, 
and Tocco Tenero aced in that department, 
with so many different colours for me to choose from!
What's more they have new bags launched almost every month,
ready to quench every lady's insatiable appetite for new arm candies!

One thing i noted about Tocco Tenero's bags is how versatile the designs are. 
Whether you're an office lady looking for variety in your everyday bag,
or a girl in the creative industry looking out for spunky and statement pieces,
there's really something irresistible for everyone! 

Lovin' their neon pieces! Too bad i was late in grabbing them ):

I'm into my last month of ambassorship, 
and am very proud to present my pick of this month!

Classic Leather Tote 
Model number: TE800002
Material: Croco Embossed Cowhide
Closure: Zip
Available Colours: Red/ Black
Retail Price: SGD 219

A closer look at the details..
I love the intricate keychain that's so uniquely Tocco Tenero!

If you've seen me around during the period of August,  
i'm ALWAYS carrying this piece.
It's just too versatile! 
Here are my outfits for 2 thursdays at Switch... with the tote!

Here's the best part, 
if you like it you get to enjoy special discounts just by mentioning this code 
'Kexin with Tocco Tenero' 
at any Tocco Tenero boutique, 
(available only at the following branches: Changi City Point, Parco Millenia Walk, Wisma
and receive a straight 5% off your purchase! 
15% for Tocco Tenero members :) 
Offer valid till 30Sept only!

 A recap of some of my picks over the past months! 

March's Pick,
Really love the canvas tote with its beautiful brown woven handle (:
Aileen was the lucky girl who walked away with this bag 
just by commenting on this photo on facebook!  

In April, I got my eyes set on the yellow leather ipad case!
And in May, i decided to share the joy with my mummy 
and brought her to choose a bag for Mother's Day!
She's evidently spoilt for choice and happy with her pick ultimately (: 

In June, it was back to school style for me (:
Rocking the nerdy look with this mustard yellow satchel, 
which could be slung on the shoulder, and worn as a backpack! 
That's design genius (:

In July, ORANGE was back in style for me (: 


Model number: TE204001
Material: Water Dyed Cowhide
Hardware: Light Gold
Closure: Top Zip
Available Colours: White/ Orange/ Dark Blue
Retail Price: SGD$239

 Crafted with woven leather and embellished with contrasting dual tone colour, 
this GABRIELLA Duffel Bag is a definition of the chic and contemporary. 
A carryall for your everyday's essentials, wear it cross-body sling for a carefree, casual look. 

Locate them at their stores now! Happy Shopping girls!
Wisma Atria
Unit: #01-33. 435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877

Unit: #P1-26. Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard, QB House
Singapore 039596

Changi City Point
Unit: #01–47. 5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038

Robinsons, The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands
#B2-09, Canal Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972

Robinsons, The Centrepoint
176 Orchard Road, #05-05, The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843

Tangs, Vivocity
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-187 and #02-189
Singapore 098585

OG People's Park
100 Upper Cross Street
Singapore 058360

OG Albert Complex
60 Albert Street
Singapore 189969

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/ToccoTenero
Email: sales@toccotenero.com

Friday, September 7, 2012

TAB's 2nd Anniversary Charity Fund Raiser Concert (:

It's TAB's 2nd Anniversary!
And this time, they are holding an awesome concert with local indie musicians taking the stage (: 
What's more, it will be held as a Charity Fund Raiser for the 
Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP) (:

Join me! 
I'll be performing a couple of my english originals at 645pm! 
Here's a homemade call-to-action video (: 

More Details below! 
Tickets will be sold at the door (: 

Can't wait!
Some post show updates -

Meaningful event,
great musicians lineup,
i had the chance to debut some of my self-penned English originals!

Thanks to Socky for coming to support,
Adrian Mah from TAB for the invitation,
Melvin on bass, James on keys and Peter on drums for joining me at this event,
and Leon Lim from Hei Productions for the lovely pics!! 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

reminiscing my week of good food/company/fun/work (:

what a great week/weekend!
i usually don't blog about my days in detail but this week was so fulfilling!

it really started on THURS,
when i kickstarted my piano lesson with Matt again.. 
busy practicing in the middle of the night 

loved Yoga 林宥嘉's 想自由 so much that i decided to do a cover of it! 
my usual partner in crime Matt on keys,
he's the man of ballads with feel!

Click to watch the youtube cover, 
you can also download the song on my facebook bandpage 

Met a couple of clients at one of my fav coffee hangout,
Habitat coffee at Upper Thomson Rd..
i always take-away the ice vanilla latte whenever i head over to 
Thunder Rock school for song-writing or recording.. 

Weekend brunch Eggs benedict and ice mocha for a weekday (:

Squeezed time for a run around the beautiful bedok reservoir,
which btw i heard the 8th person just died there -_-

Caught the most beautiful sunset along bedok reservoir..

Off to Switch for another rockin' night..
i was told my ring can kill, so don't even think of bullying me. seriously. haha

On FRIDAY,  I went to collect my Tocco Tenero Bag from Wisma Branch, 
it's the last month of my brand ambassadorship,
and i got a super pretty & loud blood red piece (more on this in my next blog!)

Yes this was at my condo lift area, 
if you're wondering why a noticeboard is behind..
i swear it has the best full length mirror!

Came night-time, had a great time at quarubar again with Matt..
I love friday nights seeing the regulars drop by, all having a good time chilling out,
and especially when they all go crazy singing along with me deep in the night, 
 like it's a massive ktv session!

My good o' uni friends from Arts Camp came! 
it's feels great meeting/catching up with old friends, 
makes me feel so old seeing everyone out in society, working (:
These people are the most positive and energetic bunch i swear!

Us back in our uni days, we were the planners for Arts Camp O Week! 
we were once so young and free... 

Also had a special guest Mr Kenneth Lim at quarubar, 
singing probably one of my fav cantonese song, 海阔天空!

Thanks for the sweet usual dedications from regulars/friday peeps! 

SATURDAY was non-gig day! 
And i went on my first cable ski trip to Batam 
with Jocelyn who has been an avid cableskier for 10 years!

 The cable ski park was so chillax,
we spent an entire day there, i was getting face-planted half the time, 
it was sooo difficult getting off to a good start with cableskiing! 
 The rest of the time was spent chillaxing in the water, 
lazing on the sundecks,
enjoying the breeze and the music blasting..

The sundecks were really awesome!
Did i mention there was a trampoline?
I haven't tried jumping on it since i was a kid, 
i was kinda surprised how fun it was and i was laughing like a small girl jumping about..
it was so fun!  

Thanks jocelyn for inviting us to Batam Cable Ski! 
Superb day ended with dinner at Madnest.. and it was madness good!! 

SUNDAY i was muscle-aching all over and kinda paralysed..
but work comes first! 
At Traders Hotel's wedding fair with Sparkle Live Music! (: 

My lovely royal blue dress was sponsored by Love Bonito! 
My sis and I went down to their store for a massive shopping session previously..
Viola was so nice showing us all their collection,
 i can't wait to share my loot with you guys in my next few blogposts! 

So those were the days of my life (: 
I hope every week can be as fulfilling as this!