Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meme it Like You Mean It - Toshiba Satellite Star Campaign

Have you heard? This year, Toshiba's all ready to reach out to the young! 

You probably read that i was selected to be Singapore's representative for the 
Toshiba Satellite Star Campaign (Click to read more about it here)! 
Submission closes on 31Aug so do hurry! 

In the 2nd phase of their campaign, 
Toshiba launched a series of memes on their facebook page
(you can find all the memes on their facebook photo album)!

Now's the time to vote for your favourite one of all! 
and you are on your way to winning a mystery gift from Toshiba! 

Contest ends on the 30th August :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

家 (:

2 weeks before National Day, 
Matt and i decided to do a heartfelt cover of our favourite national day song....

Featuring Matthew Siew on keys, 
my trusty partner every Friday at Quarubar (:



I'm a true blue Singaporean, with a hopeless penchant for Singaporean food 
(i nearly died 4 months overseas in the states when confronted with everyday fries and all things upsized), 
and a love for our one and only language - Singlish. 

I'm not gna pretend to be all patriotic but this is really one of my all-time favourite National Day song, 
sung by non other than local star Kit Chan. 
Heartfelt and melodically touching, the lyrics spoke to me, 
not just from the POV of the nation at large, 
but also reminded me of the love from my family (: 

Happy national day folks (: I hope you like our rendition of Home!

p.s: Kexin & Matthew plays every friday at Quarubar (113 Frankel Avenue), 9pm till 12mn!

I was actually inspired by Yew Meng to record this video, 
because he showed me some national day covers during my interview on his show.
Yew Meng's the director, producer and write of Mengspiration, 
and he interview my sister and i for a 1-hr National Day Documentary Special (: 
'O Singapura: Songs to inspire a nation' will be airing on Mediacorp Okto, 
Thursday, 10pm. 23 August 2012.

O Singapura’ is the story of Singapore’s national & patriotic songs 
through the decades and how they came to mean so much to us.

It features the people & stories behind familiar songs like "Majulah Singapura", 
"Count on Me Singapore", "We Are Singapore", "Home" 
and insightful interviews with Jeremy Monteiro Monteiro, Dick Lee, 
陳潔儀 Kit Chan, Clement Chow, Dr. Sydney Tan, Sheikh Haikel, Ann Hussein, 
Tay Kewei & Tay Kexin (郑可欣), 53A, 
Dr. Bernard Tan & Singaporeans from all walks of life.

I'm so fortunate to be featured with my sister and alongside so the veterans of local music scene! 

Some Behind the scenes shots..
We had the interview within the comforts of the old sophisticated 
Victoria Bar at Intercontinental Hotel.

We were put through some memory test on the good'o national day songs!
Thanks Yew Meng and the crew for the feature!
Do stay tuned to Okto on Thurs, 23 Aug, 10pm!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Perfection, or chasing a unicorn?

I always thought i'll be a corporate slave upon graduation,
i even worked for a short stint in the corporate world, 
i didn't hate it, neither do i like it, 
but my life was draining away, and the flames of my passion were diminishing. 

I thought it was a sign of weakness, 
that i could not balance between 2 jobs, 
so i hung on and my days dragged into months. 
I'm glad that i later decided to focus on my dreams and start living a life that i want (: 

I recently watched this very inspirational documentary onboard SQ, 
called "Jiro Dreams of Sushi". 
Jiro's a master sushi chef, 85 years old, and has been making sushi for the past 75 years. 
He's easily the best sushi chef in the whole of Japan, 
yet he still thinks there's more to improve. 
Ramping up 3 Michellin Star, his unassuming restaurant tucked in a corner of Tokyo 
only serves 10 customers each time, 
reservations have to be made 1 month beforehand, 
and his menu only contains sushi. 
No appetizers, nothing fancy, just good'o traditional sushi made to perfection. 

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is now showing in Singapore
Here's the official trailer 

Even Anthony Bourdain was smittened,
but then again what do these ang mohs know about sushi.. haha

Everyone should watch it, to rediscover what true perseverance, 
hardwork, dedication, and perfection is about.
Jiro does the same thing, day in day out, 
yet he does not get bored of it, he simply find ways to improve it. 
And most of all, sushi-making is his passion, 
he never felt like he has worked a day in his life. 

Jiro's my newfound idol. 
I may not have his drive for perfection,
but i think one way to go about it is to really focus on what i'm doing, 
and hammer on them, constantly looking for ways to improve my performance. 
For me, it's not about the destination, but the journey towards perfection that really matters. 
At least for now, i'm enjoying my chase for the unicorn, 
and i'm grateful that i know what i really want in life (:

I'm really proud to say that my friends are also a very passionate and entreprenerial bunch!
Meet Kong from Wicked Favours, 
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If strippers' not your thing, 
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Meet Jessica, the wedding planning guru,
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Jessica's all ready to take your wedding by storm!  
From wedding planning and coordination, decor (car, wedding day props, singage), 
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her list of services is endless! 

Lovely decor and flower desgined by Jessica Chew 

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Our businesses are so closely linked it's a service chain! 
You can look for Kong for hen parties, 
Jessica for Wedding planning 
and me for live band for your wedding dinner! 
I'll offer a special package price i promise (: 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wanderlust in Queendsland, Gold Coast (:

It's 6:11am at the Brisbane Airport,
i've not been awake so early since forever,
let alone drinking some marble mocha at a cafe,
waiting for the check-in gates to open.

The past 5 days had been such a great bonding experience
with my folks from the Tay Family!
Us 3 families took the leap of faith in free and easy travelling,
(a concept foreign to my package-tour-going parents),
and took the high road to adventurous car-renting, map-reading, and alternative vacation home wanderlust joy!

I'm soo glad we did it because the stay was AWESOME.

We stayed in a 2-storey mansion,
my dad was the chaffeur for trip, 
we cousins bonded over late-night chats/card games/national day parade viewing, 
while our parents bonded over the casino,
and we all had fab home-cooked dinners thanks to our aunts! 

Here are some highlights of our trip! 

Car rental 
My dad was the appointed chaffeur of this trip,
upon touch down we headed straight to pick our 12 seater car
from Cut Price Car Rental

My awesome papa, best driver ever!

Thank god for GPS, we were able to navigate around
without the use of maps (:
It was seriously Cut Price value at 775aud for 6 days,
inclusive of premium insurance.
It's really cheap considering there were 10 of us in all,
definitely way better than taking cab in australia!!

Our dream vacation home 
After an hour's drive, we reached our vacation home at 10 Grant Place. 
The exterior of our humble abode was a sight to behold!