Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wanderlust in Melbourne, Apr 2014!

When in Melbourne..
I love how i was able to embrace both city living and the great outdoors.

The highlights of my trip include - 
John Mayer Live Concert | The Great Ocean Road Drive | Sunset @ The Twelve Apostles | Wine tasting at Yarra Valley | Stargazing & watching Penguins at Philip Island | Enchanted Maze @ Mornington Peninsula | Geocaching at Arthurs Seat State Park | St Kilda Luna Park | Our awesome stay at the Airbnb accommodation |

Cafe-hunting in Melbourne, Apr 2014!

I was in Melbourne last year for a short 2 days, and i didn't think i would be back so soon..
But i did!
And this time it was for John Mayer Concert!!!

I've always wanted to catch him live ever since "Where The Light Is",
and i think i had one down from my bucket list this year!

There's so much to talk about for this trip,
but first, a trip to Melbourne is wasted without a pilgrimage to their cafes.
I was in coffee paradise!
Read about my other cafe finds in Melbourne last year here!

St Ali Coffee Roasters

12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne | 7am-6pm daily | www.stali.com.au

St Ali is my favourite cafe because of its location, great food and great coffee. 
It's really a no brainer! 
Do a little search on Melbourne Cafes and St Ali comes up tops! 

My Mexican Cousin
Secret recipe corn fritters w poached eggs, 
grilled haloumi, rocket and tomato relish.

This is their mainstay on the menu and St Ali's most popular dish.
You can read more about it here!

Dr. Marty's Dreamtime 
Dr Marty's crumpets w buttermilk ricotta, wattle seed, native pepper & red gum honey 

It's my first time trying crumpets, we don't really see that in Singapore. 
Crumpets are pancakes cooked on a griddle, 
therefore they have a harder but spongy texture similar to pancakes. 
The nooks and crannies are there for a purpose - 
to absorb the melted butter and other delicious toppings!
I kinda like them!! 
Someone bring them into Singapore please! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

World Voice Day & Strepsils The Right Note Campaign (15Apr-7Jun)!!


My name is Kexin, 
And i'm a singer :) 

I use my voice as a tool, 
to convey my emotions; 
my sadness, my happiness, my hopes & dreams
through songs. 

I use my voice to entertain, 
to delight, 
and to bring joy to others, 
be at it a cosy wedding, or a thousand-strong crowd in a concert stadium :) 

And as with all things important in life, 
we never really appreciate, or take good care of our voices, 
until we lose them. 

Remember the feeling of a hoarse throat after a crazy night out at the KTV with friends? 
How about the uncomfortable raspiness you experience after screaming 3 hours straight during a rocking concert?

World Voice Day  

The human voice is indeed an essential and invaluable gift which we often take for granted. 

And that is why World Voice Day is so important as a 
reminder for us to TAKE CARE of our throat and voices, 
and most of all,  to celebrate and appreciate this unique gift that has brought us endless possibilities to life. 

Strepsils The Right Note Campaign 

This World Voice Day
Strepsils want to celebrate the beauty of our singing voices
with their latest The Right Note Campaign

The Right Note Singing Competition 
is in search of the best of voices in Sunny Singapore!

If you an aspiring singer, 
now's your chance to make the breakthrough 
and learn from the best in the industry :) 

Finalists of the competition will get the opportunity to 
perform a duet with Campaign Ambassador Olivia Ong!

Celebrity Judge and Composer Lee Wei Song will also be the Campaign Judge
and the winner of the singing competition will walk away with 
$5,000record a single composed by Lee Wei Song! 

I'm so excited!! How do i join the contest!! 

  1. Submit your YouTube Link to the microsite www.strepsils.com.sg/therightnote
  2. Entries have to be at least a minute long  
The Top 5 Finalists will be determined by a combination of 
public votes and Judge Lee Wei Song's. 


Date: 7 Jun 2014 

Location: Bugis + Level 1 Civic Plaza 

Special Appearances:

Campaign Ambassador Olivia Ong & Celebrity Judge and Songwriter Lee Wei Song 

Prizes: $5,000 cash & a single recording deal with Lee Wei Song 

SIGN UP NOW at www.strepsils.com.sg/therightnote !!