Thursday, September 11, 2014

Moonlight Harmony with the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra @ Esplanade Waterfront!

It was my first time performing alongside a 40-musician strong Chinese Orchestra
on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival at the Esplanade Waterfront stage beneath the full moon,
and it was a really refreshing experience!!

Much love and thanks goes out to my secondary school days Conductor Quek Ling Kiong!
I used to play the er hu way back and he had always been my favourite conductor!
Little did i know that i would meet him 10 years later,
not playing, but singing for his orchestras!

Pre-show rehearsal at the Singapore Concert Hall

Having a slice of mooncake before performance! 

A thousand calories for you?

Wefie with the string section! 

Thank you so much Guosheng for making the trip down to Esplanade Waterfront 
to help with the video and photo shoot :) 

More photos from the Official Photographer of SYCO

I performed 3 songs - 
Wen Rou De Ye, Cheng Li de Yue Guang and Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu :) 

Group shot with the SYCO!! 

It was also a heartwarming gathering with friends from NHCO!!
Great catching up with you guys!

 The surprise of the night has to be this bouquet of roses :) 
Thank you!! MUACKS!

I don't know how i got the energy but i went for a stroll at east coast park after the performance, 
doraemon lantern in hand :) 
It flashes multi-coloured lights and plays techno music at a switch of the button hahaa

How was your Mid-Autumn Festival? :D

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