Monday, September 22, 2014

DT in Beijing, 13Sep

It has been a while! 
The last tour was in Jan and i almost forgot what it was like to be on the road again. 
We were back in Beijing a year after we were there, 
and it definitely felt different! 

We arrived a few years before showday for a refresher rehearsal!

Hello familiar work space.

Post-rehearsal Hai Di Lao!!! 
It was my first time trying it out. 
I've heard so much about the amazing standard, but the HDL at this branch wasn't that impressive.
The food was good though! 
We proceeded to have hdl over the next 3 nights -_-"

Rehearsals typically start in the afternoons,
 so i would usually make use of the mornings to explore around town. 

Exploring the old/new streets of Beijing at Nan Luo Gu Xiang!

Peking Cafe @ Nan Luo Gu Xiang! 
I love the oriental and lush outlook!!

It says "Possibly the best bread in Beijing"

I love their shirts!!! 
Proceeded to buy "Good Good Work, Good Good Life" for myself :D

I fell in love with their yogurt drink!
Please try it if you're in Beijing, it's really surprisingly delish!!
And it comes with a really cute ceramic container :D

We also took one of the mornings to this place called Hu Guo Si Xiao Chi Jie
It's a place lined with authentic Beijing eateries.
Jing Jing the guzheng player was our foodie tour guide for that lunch!

With the girls from the band; 
Jing Jing (guzheng), Me, Charis (backing vocals) 

When in China, have noodles!!! 

Check out the pastries!

Lunch is served! 
I love anything with a mua chee chewy texture so i was quite fond of their 
sticky dessert rice cakes with all sorts of fillings. 
The shop's specialty is the green bean paste cake (which i also quite adore) 
but there were too much sweet carbs and pastries!!!

Tummy filled, rehearsal and sound check on venue stage!! 

Special guest, Jam Hsiao! 
He was really quite a character with his edward cullen demeanour.

I loved his rendition of Regular Friends with David Tao :)
He played jazz piano free style at the beginning of the song and dueted with David!

Oh nurse costume how i miss you (not) :D

With the new kids on the block, 
Lerod on drums and Shaun the gentle giant on bass!
I'll admit, i'm pretty short, but Shaun is TALL.

Show Time!! 
Full house! 

Everybody was just gushing over Leo (the percussionist)'s baby!!
Baby Sofia is just sooo adorable!
She's Brazilian and Japanese mixed blood... damn those genes!!!

With the special guest artiste Xiao Yu! 
Such a little chilli padi singer from China!

With rocker fei

Exploring around Beijing 798 Art Zone the next day before flying off!

798 Art Zone was an area where early art organizations and artists moved in.
It later became a really popular with the tourists because of its vibrant arts culture. 
There you may find cafes, restaurants, 
galleries, design studios and art exhibitions free for entry. 

What if you could write a letter to your future self?
Panda slow-express can help you do so!

I'm Fuckin It doesn't make any sense at all.

It feels good coming home to this :) 

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