Monday, April 22, 2013

Go Beach Rawa Island :)

Sneaked a lil' Rawa Island into april,
before the whole madness of touring and performing starts :)

It was a lovely getaway on a private beach, limited wifi access,
back to basics entertainment within the island,
and good quality time spent playing scrabble and mastermind with my loved one.

Rawa island greets with a crystal clear waters and...
a giant slide! wheee~

I could sit there and ponder about my life forever 

I initially didn't want to give the slide a try because it looked kinda scary, 
but i felt useless after seeing kids try on those slides countless times, so i went! 
The speed which i slid down was adrenaline-pumping
and i refused to try again afterwards because i was getting old for this shit hahaha
But honestly, that feeling of uncontrollable speed was awesome!

Sunset, orange glow, palm trees shadows,
salt in the air, sand in feet, 
these are my favourite things :) 

Spent my nights with testing my spelling abilities..
i gotta say i miss playing board games! 

 Reading on a hammock

A beach doggie should be a happy doggie :)

Favourite activity was to chill outside my beach-front hut during sunset
on a swing!

I bid goodbye to the lovely island after 3 short days...
Can't wait for my next beach getaway!!