Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hairvolution with J7Image

When it comes to hair colour, i've tried it all.
And i realize that the changing of my hair colour is part of my self-discovery journey, 
i was really finding who i really am and what i really want to be. 

When i was younger in my early 20s, 
i started singing at weddings and i always wanted to look older
because i felt young and i wanted to be taken seriously. 
So i kept my hair long and i had a natural wave.

When i first launched my EP, i decided to go for a fresh look
and snipped off my locks to a shorter length. 
The real transformation and experimentation with hair colour started when 
i started touring with David Tao!

Jeft from J7 Image is the master at hair colouring craft. 
It was fate that brought us together because i met him randomly over supper through a mutual friend!
We bonded over music because he used to sing as well..
One thing led to another, 
he became my hairstylist years later and i've never looked elsewhere! 

Orange and red highlights for CNY this year 

Then i got bolder and was really into ash purple and grey colours. 
Till date, this is my favourite hair colour. 
Not too over the top, yet subtle enough to distinguish from the usual black and brown tones. 

Upon several wash, the colours faded to a lovely ombre.
I especially love the inner highlighted portions!! 

Apart from hair colouring, i also did styling at J7 for a concert at Botanical Gardens. 
 The good folks at J7 helped fix a autumn leaves crown on my head lol 

My ash purple hair was gorgeous under natural sunlight! 

Jeft is always full of surprises, 
so i experimented with colours further and i think i got the brightest shade of pink ever on my locks! 
I gotta say it turned out to be pretty nice! 

I loved it when the loud pink faded to a baby pink with blondish undertones :D 

When the pink faded i decided to keep my blonde and left Jeft alone to do his magic. 
So he worked his way to yet another of my favourite hair colour! 

I am really thankful i've found Jeft, 
who's not only a great colourist, hairstylist, 
but also a really warm and amazing friend. 
I feel like i'm part of the j7 family whenever i step into the salon and
that's the reason why i am so supportive of them!

I'd highly recommend you to pay them a visit and you'll be surprised at the service you'll be getting!
You can quote my name to get a discount too! 
J7 Image 
Far East Plaza #02-14 
(O) 6735 5195

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