Monday, February 4, 2013

Age is just a number - birthday rants

so i tell myself, age is just a number.

yeap, a number that hopefully doesn't ever change from this moment on
please thank you very much!!!

Truth is i never thought much about my youth,
because i constantly live in a timeframe that is 5 years older than my actual age.
I had been mingling around with older people ever since i was 19 because of singing,
and since then i had this illusion that i'm always younger than people around me.

This illusion was shattered last week on my birthday,
and in fact it was shattered long ago when people start to ask me and my sister - who's older.
It's heartbreaking given that we are a further apart in age than we seem to be.

So i started to have a lot of thoughts about changing my life,
how i can be a better person,
how i can step up as a singer/songwriter/performer,
and i ended up feeling worse than ever because i felt like
i'm drowning in a quicksand of time; the more i struggle, the faster i sink.

So perhaps the best way out of it,
is not to avoid it,
but accept it as it comes,
go with the flow.

I firmly believe sinking can be enjoyable though,
maybe the peaks of my life will come at a later age
(this hope is ignited when i realized that carly rae jepson is freaking 27 years old!! *shocked i thought she's 19 or something).

Well, i sunk happily during my birthday that's for sure!

The weekend before i had a showcase 
with the team from Sparkle Live Music at the Esplanade Waterfront (:
Intensive rehearsals with Ein on keys, Fatt on guitar/footdrums, 
& fellow singers Leon & Alfred!
Before showtime!

I took the 2nd set of the night,
thanks to all who came to support!!! 
Here are some lovely shots by Benny Loy (:

Finale song, WE ARE YOUNG!

Yeah 演出成功!!It's a wrap!

The Sparkle Team with performers of the night! 

Our 庆功宴 at our favourite dimsum place 126!!! 
I'm a fan of their barley!

Went kite-flying @ Marina Barrage with my favourite ppl the next day (:
Saw alot of super adorable kites like the penguin ones!! 

My favourite green-tea tiramisu!!!

Had the good opportunity to travel for 2 shows in bangkok during my birthday week

Birthday surprise came knocking at my door at 12am,
fatt said he wanted to "rehearse", 
then in came everyone with a sara lee cake complete with pocky stick candles :D

earliest soundcheck at 730am.. 
my voice was barely warmed up! 

 The huge stage with 4 LCD panels..

Gala Dinner emcee was Guo Liang! 

Off gigs, we checked out the Thai nightlife scene..
the band at club funky villa was super energetic,
plus cute lead singer looks like leehom! 

Got to celebrate my bday with my love too
with authentic Thai cuisine!! (:
It was a nice change from Thai Express haha 

So busy wolfing down all the goodies didn't really take pictures..
this was fab, simple but mouth-watering pomelo prawn salad :D

Romantic interior...

36/1 Soi Sukhumvit 23, Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok 10110

And a lousy but cheap & romantic ferris wheel ride at Asiatique!
$8 only, you pay for a lookdown carpark view haha

More good years to come!