Saturday, September 27, 2014

Funkifize with the Fungkimunkees!

It has been 2 years since i last played with the Fungkimunkees.
The last we did a show today at Concourse and it was with the striped down setup.

Super stoked when i got their call again to Guest sing, 
this time with a full 8 piece band with horns section!!! 

I've played with the Chinese Orchestra, 
the Big Band, 
and this was definitely next on my list..
a funk band!!! 

How d'yall like my outfit?

With the amazing band of the night!! 
[L to R]
Benson Kong on Alto Sax, 
Pablo Calzado on Drums, 
Fraser on Guitar, 
Sultan on Bass, 
Ashley Howard on Trombone, 
Pablo Tani on Baritone Sax 
& Dan Wong on Trumpet!

Truth be told, 
i was only roped less than a week before the show. 
I had to learn 9 new songs, 
many rhythmically challenging (duh it's funk)
and i almost thought i wouldn't be able to handle it.
During which, i also managed to be down with contact dermatitis
and had rashes all over my face & body :(
But all turned out to be good!!
I hid my rashes well under those clothes..
And i'm darn thankful i still have my voice to deliver!

Oh yea, 
and i didn't manage to rehearse with the full band 
so i did what i could do and it was magical!
I loved the stage, 
the band setup, 
the music, 
the audience. 
It was perfect!

 Thank you Sultan for having me in mind!
It was such a blessing to have met you many years ago at Java Jazz :D 
FKMK rocks!

Show's over, 
Peace out! 

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