Monday, February 17, 2014

Performance with the SMU Chinese Orchestra!

I am really honoured to have performed for the SMU Chinese Orchestra annual concert! 
And this time, i was personally invited by my ex-conductor, Mr Quek Ling Qiong,  
all the way back from secondary school 13 years ago!!

We had a short rehearsal before the performance, 
and it definitely brought back fond memories of my Chinese Orchestra days. 
Mr Quek has truly always been our favourite conductor; 
he has this sense of humour which makes group practices always enjoyable, 
yet he knows exactly when to be strict with us so that he can command the respect he deserves.
He sure knows how to work his way around students! 

I was very blessed to have my kind sponsors - 
Hairstyling - J7 Image (it lasted literally from morning till night!!)
Red Gown - La Belle Couture

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

I love Chinese New Year more than anything, 
because i am so fortunate to have 2 loving families (both mummy & papa side)!  
Gathering with cousins is also always a highlight of our visitations :D

The cousins braved the dreadful Chinatown on CNY Eve..
It was soo packed but we had tonnes of fun joining in the festivities, 
watching ah bengs sell mua chees in the frenzy!