Sunday, November 16, 2014

DT in Dalian, 15Nov!

If Dalian is a china lady, 
she would be the demure and romantic one. 
Beautiful both on the outside and on the inside. 
She's prim and proper, wholesome and clean, 
compared to her other sisters, Beijing and Shanghai. 

Long and short of it, 
I love Dalian! 
It's really nothing quite like the other polluted China cities. 
Even the people there seemed more cultured, unlike the more rural parts of China. 

It could also be because it was fall and autumn leaves were everywhere!! 
As usual i didn't have much time to explore, 
so i decided to take a stroll at the park opposite my hotel one fine morning, 
to take in the Autumn fresh air and experience fall!! 

Setting out! 

The park was truly amazing. 
Out of nowhere stood an amusement park entrance.

Lo and behold, 
carousel in the middle of a park. 
It was so pretty!!

AHHH.... Autumn trees!
It was soooo beautiful!

 I was infinitely fascinated.
The summer girl is suagu.

Giant fallen leave the size of my face 0.o

It took me about an hour's stroll in the park, 
and i was having all sorts of emotions welling up within. 
I hardly ever felt this way about life but at that very moment, 
i felt peace, serenity and completeness. 
It was just all too beautiful; 
the yellow orange and red leaves, blue skies, candy coloured amusement park rides
which were all empty since it was too early in the morning. 

Then i walked into this retro-themed cafe, 
and it was playing jazz music in the background. 
The diner was quiet, 
with some light chattering among guests. 
I ordered a cuppa earl grey tea and found a seat.
It was another perfect moment right there. 

On my way back to the hotel, 
i passed by more random objects. 
Like a huge bouncy castle in the middle of the park.

A very chillax popcorn man reading his book,
completely not giving any rat's ass about his popcorn sales. 

Day 2, 
we had a little bit more time in the morning and decided to venture further out. 

Guzheng player Jing Jing and I cabbed to Xing Hai Square!

Hugee skating rink.

More random amusement park.

We hopped on a cab and he gave us a tour up the mountains.

This reminds me a lot of the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne!!!

And this was what i went to Dalian for :) 
To sing!!

Rehearsal and soundcheck in progress...

Pre-show Hair done!

A little peak into the audience while on standby...

Wrap supper at Dim Sum place! 

Next trip Shenzhen on 27Dec!! 

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