Friday, January 3, 2014

21Dec David Tao World Tour in HongKong!

This Hong Kong work trip was a BLAST!
The food was FABULOUS, 
the night scene was happening, 
and out of the 13 shows i've done, the hongkong audience was the best so far!!! 


 Fab fab fab hotpot-ing under winter conditions is LOVE <3

We were very fortunate to have HK friend, Michael, to take us out for some authentic delicacies! :D
P.S: Michael here is THE top monitor concert programmer!
He has worked for all the biggest stars in the mandarin pop scene, 
like leehom, JJLin, Jacky Cheung etc. 
He's the man!

So hungry nomnomnom..
I never would've imagined how good hotpot can be, until i tried this. 
So we wolfed down so much food i woke up in the middle of the night to puke -_-
#truestory #firstworldproblems #ifeelsobadforthestarvingafricankids

Here's some drunken prawns, still alive and kickin', drowned in chinese liquer.
We were told to leave them in the jar for 30mins before we boil them alive. 
Very humane. 

So i did, I boiled them alive :( 
If it's any consolation, they were really awesome!!!!!

Night lights. Signboard haven. 

Went solo walking around the terminal.. 

Dim sum brunch next morning was the 

cheong fan, roasted pork, char siew, egg tart, siewmai, fried liu sha bun, sesame balls..
kill me already.

And when i thought i couldn't go on any further, 
i ended off with the best chinese dessert - ginger and melts-in-your-mouth sesame rice balls. o.O

Popped by Causeway bay to shop! 

Christmas season was crazy!
The streets were bustling with shoppers, super crowded everywhere! 

After a very very fulfilling lunch and walkabout, it was time for work!  

Coat and scarf for the Indoor stadium.

David watching his own video from the elevating stage.

Post-show bar-hoppin' with some of Christine's singaporean friends! 
First stop at this really cozy Mexican alley pub called Brickhouse for some drinks. 

Tried this cocktail called the 'Cubano' which was a tobacco-infused reposado
with a grilled pineapple after-taste. 
It was like drinking smoke. 

Popped over to another bar for some roadside Earl Grey Martini, served with shampoo-like foam;
which got into my hair cos Christine attempted to blow them to see if
 they actually float like shampoo foam -_-

Here she is, DT's keyboardist, my roomie and alcohol trainer, Ms Christine Sham.
I'm proud to say i've improved ever since i first started touring thanks to her training, 
and also david's post party training! 


During the band introduction! 
David being the sweetie always introduces the band at the end of the show :D 
So here's me waving gleefully, partly cos i also saw DT fans from Sg amongst the audience!

Also spotted: my first LED signboard amongst the audience!!
OMG! Touched hahaha


Us trying to do a "jing jing" to no avail
("Jing Jing", the girl on the extreme left is our band's guzheng player,
she always gives the best act cute poses) 

It was our percussionist Leonardo Susi's bday! 

A very reluctant face..
This is how i trained my alcohol tolerance level...

I had the best authentic HK breakfast at a cha can teng with my hongkong friends! 

With dearie Anita :) 

And Barry! HongKong based guitarist and he has his own rockabilly band :D 

Headed to Barry's Studio after...
only to find tonnes of Jacky Chan old-school movie posters. 
Barry our boy here is a HUGE jacky chan fanatic,
he has watched and analysed all of Jacky Chan films! 

He also loves collecting vinyl records!
I gotta say Anita Mui was the Lady Gaga of her times!
Check out what she is stepping on in this album cover! hahaha 

That's what i'm talking about... 
Do the Bartman! 

Scurried to the airport after a visit to his studio..
What a Fabulous way to end the Year 2013, 
next stop, TAIPEI!!!

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