Friday, January 31, 2014

It's ma birthday 2014!

With every passing year, 
somethings remain the same :D 

I'm sooo blessed and grateful for the friends who stuck by me all through the years :) 
No matter how busy we are, 
we always make time for each other during festivities.
And amazingly, 
our connection remains deep despite months of not seeing each other. 

On my birthday, I went to Mad Men and did my usual singing sets. 
I was so happy to see all my favourite people in the house tonight!! 

Because the birthday girl deserves a tiara and a cake while celebrating on job.

Taking photos at an Attic Bar requires some manual lighting. 
Thank god for iphone torchlight function hurhur

My favourite girl CHARLENE is back in SG!
She's based in taiwan so imagine my surprise when i saw her!! LOVELOVE.

My sunshine Shuping!! (the photobomber is a stranger lol)
We were best buds since secondary school love youuuu

My confidant, my girl.. dearest Weijie muacks! 

Thank you Chris for the awesome bday dinner :D 

Never thought we would stay in contact for so long! 
Thanks kenneth for spotting me at Acid bar 2 years ago hehe

And how can i forget Alvin! 
Thanks for always staying up for us night owls hehe 

I'M SO BLESSED to have these friends T_T 

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