Sunday, December 15, 2013

14Dec David Tao World Tour in Guangzhou!!

It was our last stop in China, 
and as strange as it sounds, 
i will be missing all the good and bad things that came along with touring in this nation; 
the disposable stinky toilets, the bad food, the loud but actually warm china taxi uncles etc. 

I kinda like China, in a touristy manner :)

Always a pleasure onboard SQ..
they mounted mistletoes to welcome the festive cheer!! 
All i wanted for Christmas was.. a hot guy to sit next to me under the mistletoe!!!

Another outdoor concert venue..

My first singing under winter conditions.. 
It was only about 15degs but the summer girl in me was already wearing 4 layers
and still feeling cold!

Night fell, and the rain fell too..
Towels became our defense against the cold hard blades :(

Thanks to our very caring band nanny, 
we got piping hot Starbucks Latte and muffins delivered to soothe the distraught soul!!
Sooo thankful for that.

We woke up for some dimsum brunch the next morning..

Amazeballs egg tart

Super cute liu sha bao that actually didn't taste that great to be honest!!!

A video for 流沙包 fans!

Cheong fan...

All fueled up and ready for rehearsal!
Another starbucks venti for the road..

We were OVERFED.
This has got to be weight gain camp with the never-ending supply of 
bread, muffin, cookies, snacks, coffee etc.

A shot minutes before the show with our band nanny Tammy!
I had to brave the weather in THIS, 
while the rest of the audience draped on thick layers of coat.. 
It was a test of my endurance but i just had to 勇敢証明 that i could do it!!

Pre-show band shot!
It was Tammy's last day with us and she has been working for DT for the past 6 years!!
Such a pity to see her go :(

With my lovely and sweety backing vocalist partner Charis!! 
I love this girl, so fortunate to have met her on tour :D 

Helloo guangzhou!!

It was only mid-way into the first song when it started to pour really heavily!!
Everyone got it, the band, david, the audience.
Umbrellas and raincoats came up, 
but NOTHING could stop our fire!
So inpired to see DT still as passionate as ever, 
the rain couldn't dampen our spirits :D

The show must go on!

Finale Video!

The After-Party!! 
Buffet greeted us :D 

After several rounds of toasting, 
hell broke lose as Tammy started to go around hugging everyone.
She couldn't stop saying sorry because she was leaving the group :( 

where everyone was allowed to hug more than 10 times, 
guy on guy welcomed :D

Video version of the above picture!

With part of the band!
Left to right; 
Casey bassist, Christine keys, Tammy, Me, Chris drummer, 
Leonardo percussionist, Tony saxophonist, Jacob & Jamie guitarist! 

More suffocating hugs!!

Next stop, HONG KONG!
I can't wait!!!

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