Sunday, January 19, 2014

18Jan David Tao World Tour in Genting

It has been AGESSS since i last step foot in Genting! 
I was so looking forward to the theme park, 
but guess what, it is and will be closed for renovation for 3 years :( 
Apparently it will be taken over by 20th Century Fox to be constructed into a movie themed park! 

Foggy and chilly, we were on cloud 9!

We were so bored we walked around First World Indoor Themed Park..

Genting Effiel Tower

We took the cable car down the next day for some strawberry picking :) 

There was a pathetic patch of lavender.. but i wasn't complaining :) 

The strawberry-picking gang!

We had little baskets and scissors as tools!

So cute!

The 4 of us had a little competition on who can pick the largest strawberry!

For the record, i lost the strawberry picking competition :( 

We headed over to the Farm House Cafe after some strawberry picking :)

Strawberry stools and tables OMG
So cute! 

So i was sitting on strawberry stools, 
having Strawberry iced-coffee, while eating freshly-picked strawberries :D
The strawberry coffee was pretty yummy!

Our harvest for the day! 

Rehearsal post strawberry-picking!
Our van brought us straight into the Arena of Stars (concert venue)!

My view from the stage :) 


David was swarmed when he walked towards the crowd..

It's a wrap!! 

Post-show, scores in my hands, 
I'm done for this leg of the tour! 

Post-show supper.. I chose to be healthy!!! 
But i caved to Teh Tarik :D 

The lovely band :)

Ended the last show with mix feelings.. 
it's going to be awhile before i hit the road again with the wonderful team of musicians.
Now it's back to the grind for me in Singapore!! 

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