Monday, January 13, 2014

11Jan David Tao World Tour in Taiwan!

The long-awaited Taiwan DT show was nothing short of amazing!

My on-flight checklist - Headphones, Water & Comfy socks!

Went for some awesome XLBs with Charis' recommendation upon touchdown!
We had out-of-airplane static hair..

Taiwanese specialty 葱油饼!!

yum! I love savoury sesame paste dim sums!

I love taiwanese back alleys chock-filled with cafes and restaurants..

Apparently this is a pretty famous cafe in taiwan..

Went for some salted caramel latte post dinner at The Coffee Alley :D 
I don't usually dig whipped cream but this was salted caramel whipped cream! 
Mind blown. 

With Charis my backing vocalist partner and her bf! 
They both reside in taiwan, gotta thank them for their hospitality and great food recommendations :D 

Next day Rehearsals - 
With special Guest Artiste 1, Singaporean pride JJ Lin! 

Tbe both of them did a medley of 苏三说 & 江南 together, rap included! 

Lunch break was a pack of 20 awesome dumplings and packed soup. 
Honestly 20 was a tad too much even for something that great lol

Then came Special Guest Artiste 2 - Nicholas Tse!!!! 
I nearly died and went to heaven cos Nicholas used to be my childhood idol. 
I dare say i never had such a huge crush on any other celebrity, 
seeing him was like reliving my first love all over again hahaha 
It was a very nostalgic. 

My nicholas tse collection.. 
it has been 15 years since his hit song 谢谢你的爱1999.. 
So that makes me 11years old when i first bought his mandarin AND canto albums!
The cd and vcd version came with his 写真集!

Because front view is not enough hehe 

Post rehearsal Dinner with Vee!
I met Vee on stage of Lady First 女人我最大, 
and if you find her familiar, that's cos she was also a contestant from 
the Sunsilk Academy Singing Competition!
We chatted about life, about music, and about our industry, 
really glad i could pour my heart out to a fellow singaporean in foreign land. 
Vee, i respect you for your bravery and determination in pursuing your dreams :) 

Why taiwanese food so yummy WHY?!

Cuteness overload. 
I love Taiwanese Cafes T_T 

Chalkboard menu ftw!!!
They use magnets to indicate the availability of their desserts of the day :)

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart with warm Earl Gey Tea Latte! 

Day 3 Rehearsal!

Retractable stage just for our drummer Chris 
so that he could rock out with the audience during encore!

Pre-show makeup shot with Charis!

We had 2 newcomers for the Taipei show - The Horns Section! 


JJ and DT!

When Nicholas came out, the crowd went absolutely wild!
I think it's cos he's hardly in the news, and almost never a concert guest artiste.

He had this dirty rocker vibe, 
sporting shades, leather jacket and tattered jeans. 
And he sang a cover of "Hotel California". 
Not exactly my cuppa tea, but whatever, he's the boss haha 

Post-party Venue 1 - Food for the famished musicians!

Post-party Venue 2 - Alcohol for the bored musicians!

Met the boyband from 1990s - Tension!!!
They were this group of ABCs who were previously signed by David Tao. 
The guy in white is actually Samuel Hung's son!! 

I love my hairstylist Penny!! 
And i adore her strawberry blonde hair. 
I conclude Taiwanese girls can really drink. 

Group hug!

With the concert dancers - STD.. i mean SDT (Super Dance Team) from Beijing! 

As the night fell, it got a little crazier..

And crazier.. 

But i managed to wake up next day for some shopping :) 

Next stop - 18Jan up in the clouds in Genting! 

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