Sunday, October 27, 2013

Race The Dead 2013!

Singaporeans are getting so bored of running that we
made zombies chase after us,
made people throw colour powder at us, 
decided to run in the dark while wearing glow-in-the-dark accessories,
why not combine all; run in the dark and make people throw glow-in-the-dark powder at us while being chased by zombies? :D

Well i had tonnes of fun singing at Siloso Beach for Race The Dead 2013 this year! 
Always loved performing on beaches because everyone is always in the mood for some partying :D

Met some amazing Singaporeans musicians for the 2 days event!

Pleasantly surprised at the awesome stage set up :D 

Bryan was our keyboardist for Day 1! 
Poor disfigured dude must be dying with flesh hanging from his face under the crazy heat!

Day 2 was hot as hell!! 
Had fatt as guitarist/drummer, and Alfred to be my singing partner! 

I forgot to bring fatt's stool so...
he had the biggest and longest chair ever. lol.

beach view from stage, i love!

Even though the floor was scorching, we had some really enthusiastic audience
who grooved and sang along with us :D 
Had a blast, thanks @taetahrik for party rockin'!

Run singaporeans run! 

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