Tuesday, November 5, 2013

1 Nov David Tao World Tour 2013 in Nanning!

Took flight to Nanning on the morning of halloween.
It was brutal flying the entire day (transited Sg --> Guangzhou --> Nanning).

Boarded the plane.. halloween style.

Bought bunny earphones for kicks #cheapthrills

A walk around China walmart 

Learning songs in our hotel room..

Daily workout regime with Casey teaching me how to use the ball.
Yes i like big balls and i cannot lie ;)

A not-so-glam entrance of the stadium...

Huge space with seats that look like roman colosseum (ok not quite, ruins more like it)

Check out the tentage for the band resting area..

Thank god for having the best band nanny, 
she packs our fav drink from starbucks everyday! 

Really hot afternoon!

Tried using my bunny earphones but it wasn't clear and professional enough :(

Jacky the floor manager checking around onstage..

Just so you know, the number tags were painstakingly placed
manually, one by one, by these labourers on the chairs.

So hot we were sitting around a bucket of ice and fan to cool off..

A lot of waiting on tour..

Finally the man is here.. 

Before we knew it, it quickly turned into night.. 

Rehearsing my favourite medley :)

Day to night transformation of the amazing stage!

cables cables cables underneath the stage.

Inside our little tentage late at night after rehearsal..


Till next time, 
DT in Fuzhou 15Nov! 

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