Sunday, October 6, 2013

1 Oct David Tao World Tour in ShenZhen!

It's China's National Day!
Took to ShenZhen the land of cheap shopping, yet i did non!
Basically spent all my time watching movies in the hotel,
and having extended hours of gymming session.

Stadium this time was huge!
Reminds me of Beijing's Bird's Nest...

My fellow backing vocals :) 

As usual we stayed and ran through new songs with the boss till night fell..

Calm before the storm..

Next morning same drill, 
when one is bored, one pretends to be giving a speech..

Waiting gives me a lot of time to practice on David Tan's Taylor...
Weather was so hot we were dyingg...
Everyone whipped out their shades and took off whatever extra clothing they had on!

Jamie guitarhero, Saxy Tony and Guzheng Jing Jing..

Bassman Casey..

Christine Sham my roomie and amazing keyboardist :)

The one and only Music Director Mr Goh Kheng Long :)

Drummer warrior Chris :)

One with the girls in the band 

Transformation time!
Our dear Tammy the band nanny fitting my nurse cap

 Settled for Chihuahua hairstyle this time

Showtime!! The crows was massive!

The Doctor and his Nurses getting ready to rock!

My big smiley face on the huge screen when DT was introducing the band! 

The view from our side.. captured by Jacob, David's guitar assistant :) 

Post-Show Celebration Dinner! 
That night a roasted suckling pig with evil blinking eyes was sacrificed :(

It was our band nanny Tammy's birthday and each girl received a stalk of rose!

No birthday girl goes unnoticed and unpunished..
but Tammy can drink she's up for it!

A shot with our stage manager from Hong Kong, Jacky!

We got a little high after drinking and started posing with the champagne tower..
Tried to strike a sexy pose to no avail.. Jing Jing is too damn good at it!

One with the boss David Tao!! 
Thank you so much for giving me the chance to meet so many wonderful musicians, 
and to share my voice worldwide..
It has been my pleasure singing for you and I can't wait for the rest of the shows!! 

Next trip, 2Nov @ Nanning, China! 

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