Friday, October 18, 2013

Diner En Blanc 2013 :)

Really had a goodtime at Diner En Blanc this year!
I was rather put off by the amount of preparation we had to go through for the night beforehand,
but i thought it was pretty worth it at the end of the night!!

For starters we had to prepare everything in white;
table, chairs, our dressing, plates (no plastic allowed) etc.
I had to resort to the power of social media to borrow most stuff!
Gathered at the Stadium and was whisked away on a coach to the secret location!

Everyone dressed to their nines in white, 
lugging the tables and chairs very unglamly..

Table setup!

We were super ill-prepared, pardon the ugly plastic containers..
Bon appetit!

We pre-ordered dinner..
comes with Salad, hummus, grilled veggies, pita bread, quiche and orange tart for dessert :)

Check out the table next to ours!
We shy away in shame...

I gotta say i'm super proud of the beautiful night skyline in Singapore :) 

Super awesome aerial acrobatic performances :) 

Highlight came when the fireworks took off! 
Nothing can go wrong when you have fireworks against the Singapore Skyline :D
The skyline was immediately filled with flying electric kites post fireworks..
They looked like sperms in the sky which was further enhanced when everyone started 
to release balloons in the sky..

Everyone was in such great mood we took to the dance floor to party!
I gotta say marina barrage outdoor clubbing/partying is the way to go!! 

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