Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ladyfirst Singapore @ The Starhub TVB Awards![女人我最大新加坡版]得奖咯!

My first green carpet walk
with the cast of Ladyfirst Singapore..
I must say it was an experience cruisin' in style
and walking down the aisle of flashing cameras :)

Headed down to La Belle Couture for a fitting session 
before the glitz and glamour and chose this perfect figure huggin' piece! 
It was very suitable for a petite figured girl like myself :) 
If you're a bride-to-be, be sure to head down to LaBelle for a fitting session :D

Make-up room
I'm diggin' the side swept look..

While backstage.. saw a lot of familiar faces :) 
Reunited with the girls of Ladyfirst!
From Left to right - Candyce, Celyn, Silver, Angel, Kanny, Vee and myself

One of my favorite characters in Ah Boys.. 
Lobang lookin' very suave that night!

One with the Ah Boys :) 

These babes are too gorgeous!
Hayley and Cheryl Wee :)

Then 心湄姐 came! She's totally adorable!

One with the queen bee! 

We were then whisked away on a merz and cruised in style to the carpets! 
Wanted very much to stay for the awards but was tied down with work after.. :(
Nevertheless, Congrats to the team for clinching the Best Variety Award Show!

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