Wednesday, July 3, 2013

29Jun David Tao World Tour 2013 in Chengdu!

packing again, too small a luggage to fit my craftholic

Back to the familiar stage

Food to fuel the hungry musicians during rehearsal break times 

We sorta arrived to find the air con not on, 
and we were suffering in the heat coupled with blazing spotlights. 
Here's a shot of us fanning each other.. 

Styling for showtime! 

More backstage camwhoring, 
Jamie fits into the police outfit super fine and David Tan cannot resist 
taking a dirrty shot of bribery #perksofwearinguniforms

The cutesy kheng long and dancers' brollies..

Post concert supper!! 
How about turtle dish to start off the night?

post show hungry musos!!

Blackie the percussionist from Beijing is leaving the troop to play for his nation :( 
That warrants drinking from DT..

Sharon Kwan with the band! chu chu bon bon kiss kis :)
Sharon's david new protege and is currently touring around as his guest artiste..

Went for some solo travelling the next day and took the cab to Wen Shu Yuan, 
the oldest buddhist temple in Chengdu.

A melancholic walk down the olden cobbled streets and i spotted some nice eateries..

Decided to head into this for a try..

The doors opened to a very nice oriental interior, 
with a lookout garden view..

I was confused by the variety within the menu, 
and did not understand what 抄手 is. 
The cashier lady wasn't looking too friendly but i decided to ask her, 
despite her foul sullen expression. 
To my surprise she was pretty helpful and even broke into laughter 
when she was desperately trying to find the words we use to describe this dish.
Turns out, it's the same as wanton! 

Having noodles by myself (with sun yanzi behind) in a foreign land felt strangely calming. 
I watched the tables next to mine interact, enjoyed my noodles in silence, 
and can't help but feel a sense of calm & happiness emanating from within.

Here comes my 担担面 and 招牌钟水饺!!
I could think about it all day..
The noodles came with a szechuan spiciness aka 麻辣 
and was numbingly shiok unlike singaporean spicy.
The dumplings had a succulent texture and tasted superb with special-made sauce..
Loved it so much i finished the entire bowl of dumplings. 

As i was enjoying my noodles, 
this bunch of old folks suddenly joined me at my table. 
I was amused because they sat and chatted around me like i didn't exist, 
in fact they were so oblivious to my presence i had the liberty to take a panoramic shot :D

Had to head back to catch the plane home, 
stopped by for some palace snacks fit for royalites! 

Horrible ice cream cake to end my trip! 

Next stop Macau 20Jul!!

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