Sunday, July 21, 2013

20Jul David Tao World Tour 2013 in Macau!

It's my first time in Macau and i'm glad i didn't have to pay to come here!
Gambling, clubbing.. not exactly my cuppa tea.
But i had fun this time round again :) 
Happy that my IC still gets checked whenever i need to enter a casino :D 

Took the plane to hongkong and transited Turbo jet to Macau.
The luggage pick-up was so primitive...

Instead of conveyor belts 2 men were unloading our bags...
I was certain Macau is still stuck in 1980s. 

The Venetian
Reached our hotel The Venetian! 
Kitsch interior design but super comfy beds and duvets,
and an extended living room to chillout after a long day :) 

Huge bathrooms, mirrors and bathtub :D

Great room to unwind in!
Explored the area the next day, en route to our concert destination, 
a fancy dino structure that had its back against the chandelier.
It wasn't feeling very comfortable i'm sure.

...were made sweeter with Portugese egg tarts! 
These little darlings were delicious (from Lord's Stow) though i've had better ones in Lisbon.
Butbut, i still loved them and wished i bought some home :(

Super well-fed throughout the trip, our resting room had a buffet spread!

Night out at Berlini Lounge 
My roomie Christine (keyboardist) and i headed out for some drinks after rehearsals
at the Berlini Lounge!
Watched the performance of this fantastic 10pc band with horns sections!
Loved their rearrangements of different hit songs, the synchronized dancing of the 3 fab singers
and the horns section... made me wonder where these musicians came from.. 

My lovely roomie that i spent countless nights chatting about everything under the sun!
The gorgeous and talented keyboardist, Christine Sham! 

We were made to watch skimpily-clad girls dance around during the band's break time -_-

Looked to my right, and i realized an ah ma was watching them too, 
she seemed very into the groove, bobbing her head to the tune. 
Christine bluntly pointed out that she ordered the same drink as me (mojito), 
and i concede that mojito is for girls/ahma who can't drink ;)

Historic Centre of Macau 
Spent the next day out and about!
Venetian was located in Taipa, so we took a cab and crossed the bridge to the historic centre of macau, 
the tourist hub of the area with tonnes of local snacks and churches to explore. 

Gloomy gloomy day

The saturday crowd wasn't kind to us :(

Photobombers in every shot..

We were famished and headed into a 茶餐厅 down a random alley..

猪扒包 a must-order in all hk cafe..

猪扒 udon noodle soup with milk tea :D 
Somehow the pork chops always taste better in hk than singapore.

Ruins of St Paul Cathedral
Climbed a number of stone stairs to reach the grand facade of the St Paul's Cathedral.
It was once whole, and the biggest Catholic Church in East Asia in the 1600s.
The unfortunate church caught fire 3 times, giving people enough reasons not to reconstruct it again
for the last time (blame it on bad fengshui?)
So what you see on the photo is actually all that i saw..
nothing behind those beautiful walls i'm afraid -_- 

Walked miles in the scorching heat pushing through grumpy tourists just for this facade, 
better take more shots despite attack of the photobomb auntie!


Donning the nurse's cap again for the show!

Every show, a different feeling, 
love the same lightsticks galore everytime the light dims! :D

Some photo grabs from fans who posted on instagram! 
(Follow me on instagram @kexintay for my instagram updates)

Amazing amazing lightings, gotta give it to the same team from hongkong 
every single time for creating the perfect atmosphere for a rockin' concert!

Next stop, 3Sep in Nan Chang, China! 

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