Tuesday, July 16, 2013

European Escapade in SANTORINI, Greece!

Just 2 years ago,
i had the most amazing backpacking trip around Europe
with 3 of my best girlfriends to celebrate the end of our academic years.

I couldn't be luckier because one is an excellent planner,
another an excellent cook and domesticated homemaker,
and the other an anal organizer.
The powers combined and i had the time of my life
backpacking across europe to 8 countries within the span of 1.5 months.

Destinations we covered - London, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Scotland.

And in case you think we are all rich kids,
i would like to put a disclaimer that i spent a grand total of 7k throughout the 1.5 months,
we stayed in backpacking hostels, sometimes even saving money by sleeping overnight at train stations,
and we scrimped on food, giving ourselves a treat only very occasionally.

I'm going to cover some of these amazing destinations in my following blogposts,
but for now, i'd like to dedicate this blogpost to my all-time favourite destination - Santorini.
Till now, i often find myself fantasizing and reminiscing about Santorini :)

Paradise. Island. Sunset. Sea. White Cobblestone Streets. 

Geographically, Santorini is a volcanic island located in the Southern Aegean Sea,
and what remains after a huge volcanic eruption, leaving a sea-filled caldera.

We came from Athens and we opted for a overnight 9 hour cruise ride to Santorini.
It was pretty horrid because we had to sleep in the open (no rooms)
like those lower class passengers of the Titanic and we were afraid our things would get stolen.
Thankfully we were safe, and I have to say the arduous journey made the destination sweeter :)

Docking on Santorini shores was a very amusing experience,
we had to all exit from the lower bunks of the ship (i told you we were lower class passengers),
and we had no view of the beautiful island... until it was unveiled slowly.
I swear it was like a magic show, one moment we were trapped in the boat,
and next thing you know, we have reached the island!

We literally waited with baited breath for the unveiling of scenery lol

Everyone rushed out once it was safe to cross, 
we were like freed slaves haha

Santorini is touristy no doubt, 
look at the number of hotel tags!

We quickly found our guide and off we went to our hostel 
- Anny Studios on Perissa Beach 

I didn't take any photos of my hostel unfortunately but this was located right outside our hostel!!
The black sand beach and vast oceans :D

We frolicked around till dusk fell, 
and the sky was a ombre blend of pink orange and blue hues :) 

Time for dinner! 

The real greek salad

The next day, 
a walk around Perissa Beach and every angle is a camera shot. 


I forgot to bring my driver's license but apparently i could explore the town on these dirt bikes..

The Bus-stop :) 

Waiting for our shuttle bus to the town area, Fira.

FIRA - The Town Area
A shuttle ride away and we have reached FIRA the town area :) 
We were greeted by white-washed walls, cheery blue domes and the azureness of the sky.
Buildings were stacked around the caldera rim in a organized chaotic fashion.
Throngs of tourists climbed up cobbled steps, eagerly awaiting what's to unfold :)

We passed by doorways leading out to nothingness..

Stepping out to find that it leads to a cafe downstairs :) 

Absolutely stunning caldera :) 

Every corner a picturesque spot 

Poor students we were, we decided to head into a gyros shop for lunch.

Gyros, kebabs, delish unhealthy things which kept us satiated
without burning holes in our pockets :) 

FIRA being the tourist hub of Santorini, 
sells tonnes of oil on canvas paintings all beautifully drawn. 
I couldn't resist and bought one myself, 
and now a piece of Santorini hangs proudly on my wall :)

Narrow walkways littered with shophouses

Really cute signages.

You could ride the donkeys uphill instead of climbing the cobblestone path, 
but my recommendation will be to take the walk,
because it is much more fun exploring on your own feet. 
And more importantly, 
i've read that many of these donkeys were made to toll in poor conditions, 
and subjected to abuse and mistreatment by the handlers :(
So no to donkey taxis please!

After a few pictures, we continued on to find some cooks grilling away..

We were exhausted from the walking and decided to chill by a cafe. 
Tell me is this the best cafe you've ever seen?

Thrilled and super excited by the thought of staring into space there..

We ordered some authentic greek frappes.
Frappes originated from post-war summer Greek culture, 
and i was hell-bent on getting one, thinking that it would taste fantastic.
Turns out i was too used to fake sugar-laden frappes and couldn't get used to its bitterness! 

Fira exude a different vibe come sunset..

At one of the highest point of the island was Oia, 
a place where travellers from all around the world gather to witness the most beautiful sunset. 
We went early to chope our seats because the place was packed
and securing the spot for nature's movie is very important! 

Kudos to my camera, it captured what i couldn't see with my naked eye. 
Sailing in the vast ocean towards the sunset was this beautiful ship :)

Slowly and steadily, the sun dipped behind the horizon, 
casting a orange glow across the white cobbled buildings :) 

Finally, it was gone.
And when the spectacle was over, everyone would cheer and clap 
as if it was the end of a great performance. 
And this happens every single day :)
(i know because i went back again to catch the sunset the very next day). 
ahh, how nature's wonders capture our hearts i'll never know..

We spent the last few days on Perissa Black Beach tanning..

Had more gyros, and spotted the cutest baby who wouldn't stop chewing my bag.
Look at those eyes..

Teething problems i reckon..

I left a huge part of me in Santorini... sigh :) 


  1. lovely place, lovely photos! hope to go there soon as well! :D

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