Tuesday, July 16, 2013

European Escapade in Rome, Italy!

*European Escapade series chronicles my European Travels 2 years ago,
when i backpacked all around Europe as part of  my graduation trip.
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Santorini, Greece

Rome is a overly-romanticized touristy destination,
made irritable by tourists during hot summer months.
It's still a beautiful place with amazing structures and churches,
don't get me wrong,
but if only it's less crowded.

The Pantheon 

Located at the heart of Rome was the Pantheon, 
a staggering 2000 year-old structure commissioned as "the temple to all gods". 

Trevi Fountain 

Made famous by the 1954 American movie Three Coins in a Fountain,
legend has it that throwing a coin in the fountain will ensue a visit back in Rome.

I did, i threw a coin in and contributed to an estimated 3000 euros thrown into the fountain each day.
The money is apparently used to subsidize a supermarket for the needy,
at least i'm doing some good :)

The best gelato we had hands down anywhere in the world,
and i'm not even joking.

Giolitti gelatos are Michelle Obama's favorite, 
and rumour has it Pope John Paul II used to have his favourite flavour 
Marrons Glaces delivered to his doorsteps! 
Me and my fat girlfriends went back everyday to have a cone,
and it was worth all the calories.

Boasting an amazing selection of 70 flavours, these gelatos were creamy and light :D
We were so busy wiping the melting gelato off our hands and greedy faces
we didn't event think twice about calories. 

Cone of my dreams :) 

The Colosseum
...is the largest amphitheatre of the Roman Empire.
It was mainly used for entertainment purposes in the medieval times; 
e.g gladiator contests, public spectacles like animal fights.
The stuff you see in 300 the movie.. yes and tonnes of hot bods included :D

So. many. people. 

The Vatican
I saw the pope! 
Although i'm not a believer, i had the honour of attending this special occasion with Chew.
Chew is a devoted Catholic and found out that pope Benedict makes 
his appearances on Sunday Noons (when he is in town). 
He prays the Angelus and gives his blessings to the crowd and this has been a tradition. 

Ticketing dude looking somewhat grumpy beneath that suit. 
It was scorching hot by the way.

We were early and had good seats :) 

Believers from all around the world started to stream in..

While waiting for the pope's arrival, 
a group of church choir singers stood up in the heat and belted christian songs, 
lifting up the spirits of the crowd :) 

He's finally here! 
Pope Benedict XVI right in front of my eyes, i was lucky! 

It was chew's dream come true! 

The crowd went wild at his sight, 
cheering and waving their flags as he gave his blessings to the crowd :) 

Graffitti FTW! 

I threw a coin into Trevi Fountain but i'm not sure i would go back to Rome again.
Nevertheless, it was an eye-opener and definitely a beautiful place with the best gelato i've ever had :D

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