Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sentosa Jazz by the Beach 2012

Excited to be performing for Sentosa Jazz by the beach
this coming Friday!

The Sparkle Team! 

It is going to be an awesome show with a great band,
namely guitar maestro Daniel Purmono,
and Jeremy, Matthew and James affectionately known as the "David Choi Band" (they were David Choi Asia tour kakis)

It was sounding great at the rehearsal just ytd night at Jeremy's music school,
The Music Academy!

Introducing the band
with their half dead faces during our rehearsal at 1am in the morning..
James on bass (left) and Jeremy on drums! 

Matt on keys (matt also plays Quarubar with me every Friday!) 
and Daniel Purnomo on guitar!
Check out daniel p's cool guitar, he designed and created the guitar himself!! 

And lastly, the singers for the night, myself & 
Alfred (my partner every Thursday at Switch) giving the smouldering look

Rehearsed and ready to roll! 
Come join us as our team brings you a palatable array of classics, bossa nova & pop-jazz!

Date: 27 Jul, Friday

Time: 3 sets of 45mins

Venue: Coastes Sandbar @ Siloso Beach

Post-show updates

I had such a blast at the Sentosa Jazz by the Beach 2012!
Thanks to all who came and supported me/us, it really meant a lot to me (:

A group shot during soundcheck
Coastes Sandbar before the show
 Soundcheck time!

During dinner by the beach, 
I felt absolutely blessed to be able to make music by the sunset (:

It was a nervous feeling, 
not knowing how the turnout will  be like..
But came showtime, 
Coastes was buzzing with people and there was even a long queue to get in!

 It was a pity i didn't have a professional photographer to capture the crazy dancers 
jumping and dancing around right in front of me during the last set!
This photo just doesn't do it justice! 
They seem like professional dancers from USS 
and they were so sporting that they got the whole crowd from Coastes going! (:

 Sentosa Jazz by the Beach 2012, SUCCESS!
And i owed it all to the wonderful band (: From left to right - 
Matthew Siew on keys, James Yeo on bass, Kexin on vocals, 
Kewei ardent supporter!, Daniel P on guitar, 
Alfred Sim on vocals & Jeremy Yeo on drums!
 Amazing experience, 
i will definitely fight for more chances to perform! (:


Sincere thanks again to all who dropped by (: 
More of such shows to come! 

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