Thursday, July 12, 2012

finding inspiration within sickness..

I have a theory,
that when one person is sick,
she/he is in fact eyes wide open,
senses better tuned to higher levels of the maslow's hierarchies of needs.

Even though our sense of smell is dulled,
taste becomes bland,
our consciousness is in fact paying attention to the more important things in life.

I sometimes think i'm not made to be a musician,
i don't have the patience nor the ability to make myself stay put in front of an instrument,

I only have one voice,
so when this one voice is down,
i have nothing.
No regular gigs, no money, no audience to sing to, no opportunities to improve,

Just a lonely soul at home trying my best to recuperate
so that i can wake up the next day and continue singing.

I had been so caught up with everyday emailing, business,
and i knowingly neglected the very thing i quit my job for - my EP.

So today,
after 4 days of loneliness at home due to a debilitating cough/flu,
i picked up my ipad (yes, not an instrument but an ipad),
and i wrote a song about passion,
with tissue paper strewn all around my tabletop no less.

I was inspired by this quote,
"I set myself on fire, and people come watch me burn."   
- Christian theologian, John Wesley. 
I know this quote is supposed to be religious in meaning,
as he was describing his passion for Christ.
I'm not a Christian, so my interpretation is slightly different.

I do believe that with passion,
it shows, and it shines to attract others',
be it like-minded people, or audience who appreciates what you have created.

I wanted to write a song about relationship with passion,
with lyrics that can also mean a passionate relationship with another person.

So here goes, my 2nd attempt at song-writing,
this time it was not as easy as my first eureka moment,
but i came up with a slightly better recording courtesy of my trusty ipad (:

Listen to my phelgm-filled croacky-voiced version here of "Burn in Fire" here

Burn in Fire 

Let us burn, burn in fire.
Let us dance around in flames, like children in summer.
We can pretend we're not, star-crossed lovers, 
melt into each other, unshield, un-covered. 
Disappear in smoke, like a fizzling candle. 

Let me burn, burn in fire.
Let me set myself ablaze, 
pull over, come watch me dazzle. 
I can pretend i'm still, entwined in your embrace, 
ignited, illuminated, brighter than yesterday, 
an amoured warrior, bleeding with pride, no shame. 


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