Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Go Beach Bintan, Indonesia!

When the going gets rough, the tough goes for a getaway!

alright that's not exactly the best advice,
in fact i agree with Jason Mraz's saying, that
"you don't need a vacation when there's nothing to escape from",
unfortunately, i think we all need a lil' break from time to time,
explore a little outside of our country,
bond a little with our favourite girlfriends (:

It seems like the older i get,
the harder it is to make true, long-lasting friends.
And because of that, i cherish my favourite girls so!

From our crazy jc days till today,
these are the girls who stuck by,
they watched me grow from my first time on stage to what i am today,
always quietly supporting me in my music career,
they accompanied me through make ups and breakups,
and share the same travelling passion as i do (we've been to taiwan, italy, france, spain, scotland etc.),
And i'm proud to say, they are a very entrepreneurial bunch!
Read my other blog entry on what my friends do!

Finally a year after our backpacking trip to europe,
we managed to find time within our busy schedule for a short weekend getaway!
Nothing fancy, but good time spent bonding on the boring island, Bintan!

We took a ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
and spent the next 3 days within the comforts of our hotel

It was a great hotel imho, the pool was great, the beach was beautiful, 
in fact the beach was situated right in front of the pool.
Really convenient!
We arrived early and couldn't check into the hotel room, 
we ended up with a free upgrade to a suite! :D

Stranded next to the pool with our baggages 
because we were too early for check-in

Well hello there Nirwana suite bedroom (:

Living room complete with TV 

Our lovely balcony with a view

Balcony view 

The pool area

Tanning, daily activity within the boring confines of the resort..
We even brought Cluedo cards to play next to the pool..
Watching the cumulonimbus clouds form behind the coconut trees (:

Took a nap in between reading books, 
you can tell I was practically a beach/pool bum for the 3 days.. 

The Beach was really not too bad!! (:

 Pristine clear waters, 
vast oceans extending into the skyline..

YAY to more beach vacations to come! <3

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