Monday, August 18, 2014

Youth Time 2014!

I am incredibly honoured to have met Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the recent Youth Time 2014. 
This event was held at my beloved alumni, Anderson Junior College, 
the place where my love of music first blossomed. 

Youth Time is an annual event organized by the Yio Chu Kang Grassroots Organization, 
with the aim to bring the youths together for a fun-filled day of activities through carnivals and live band performances.
The event was also particularly meaningful because of the lively and interactive dialogue session with PM Lee! 
The by-invite-only session was a very cosy affair, 
with an auditorium of about a hundred youth from different backgrounds; students, young working adults, young grassroot leaders and young parents. 

I was so overwhelmed by the entire experience because not only did i perform, 
i was also awarded the Breakthrough in Arts Awards with some other outstanding youths, 
and given a chance to share my experience during the dialogue. 
I'm so deeply humbled by this rare opportunity to connect with youths with dreams!!

Achievement Unlocked!
Possibly my most epic selfie to date..

I might have slipped my CD on his seat.. 

During soundcheck... 

Met Kenny Khoo after the show!

Recipient of the Breakthrough in Arts Award

It was the first time i had my credentials and age 
presented on a slideshow in front of hundreds of students. 
It was a pretty bizarre feeling.

As you can tell PM Lee was very tall. 
I had monster heels and i barely hit his shoulders. 

With the rest of the recipients! 
It was incredible and inspiring meeting the other award recipients... 
Each and everyone of them have dreams and had overcame obstacles to achieve them.

Take for example, Anders Tan (2nd from the right); 
He is the founder of Edusnap, 
a mobile platform which connect students with qualified tutors 
to answer their homework-related questions.  
Students just need to snap and submit pictures of questions that they don't know how to answer,
 and the answers will be furnished by other students, 
or qualified tutors that have been screened by the team.
Anders came from a low-income background 
and felt that basic education should be made accessible and free for all. 
The idea of having help and assistance with homework 24/7 is just genius 
(how come i didn't have that privilege in the past!), 
and i really admire Anders for his initiative!! 

Read more about Edusnap in this article here 

Another achievement unlocked...
to be mentioned on PM Lee's facebook!!!!! 

Youth Time 2014 Dialogue 

Most students were concerned about their future with regards to the pursuit of the Arts, 
and the road to getting there,
and i was very happy to share my 2 cents on making a career out of the Arts. 

I am so blessed by this opportunity and i hope i get more chances to play a role in guiding the youth.
Many are interested in finding out more and i felt so inspired by their inquisitive nature,
and burning desire in pursuing the Arts.
It reminded of myself back in the days when i first started out.

If you're someone with a passion, i only have one thing to say;
At the end of the day,
perseverance and your love for the arts will keep you alive.
So never give up on it,
if you ever do, you'll know that you don't love it enough to keep it with you for the rest of your life.

So go on,
go forth and explore,
you won't regret it :D 

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