Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The NEA Eco Music Challenge is Back!

As a singer,
i'm particularly sensitive to my emotions,
to thoughts that arise in my head in my everyday life.

Perhaps it is an occupational hazard?
I really do need to switch between different emotions whenever i perform.
I could be singing a super high energy positive number at one time,
and the next moment to do teary breakup song with full out emotions.
It is a roller-coaster ride i'm not kidding.

But i see this ability as a superpower that few possess.
It is our outlet to expression, a blessing in disguise.
We are able to convey our thoughts, spread positive messages.
We are able to turn our seemingly insignificant emotions into something bigger than ourselves,
and make an impact.
Music can create impact around us, and influence people to feel strongly for a cause.

Something that i really appreciate about Singapore is the beautiful flora and fauna and cleanliness in our surroundings.
With the thought in mind, the environment is an inspiration and topic that more musicians can write about, to raise awareness and make an impact on.
I'm hence happy to announce that the NEA Eco Music Challenge is back!
Now there is a way for singer-songwriters to help raise awareness of environmental issues,
through our songs!!

A Clean and Green World Begins with Your Song!! 

Don't you agree that it is important for us to not litter and waste natural resources?
This is a great platform where your song can inspire others to cherish and protect our beautiful environment. 

What is the Eco Music Challenge?

Launched in 2010, 
the Eco Music Challenge (EMC) is a National Environmental Song-writing Competition for passionate individuals to express their appreciation and support for our environment through music composition. 

The competition as well as the music composition serves to raise greater awareness of environmental issues and rally the public to play a part in caring for our environment by leading an environmentally friendly lifestyle

This year, the Top 12 finalists will...

1) Be Mentored by Music Professionals 

Danny Loong, Clement Chow, Ruth Ling & Jack Ho!

2) Perform LIVE at the EMC finals held at The Star Terrace on 13 Sep 2014!

2) Stand a chance to win attractive prizes! 

1st Prize $5,000
1st Runner up $3,000
2nd runner up $2,000
9 consolation prizes of $300 each 
Young Musician Award $300 
Most Popular Song Award $200 

What are you waiting for? Join NOW!  

Use your music to encourage Singapore residents to step forth to protect and sustain our clean and green environment! 
For all of you out there, don't forget to bin your trash and reduce, reuse and recycle! 
Let's cherish all that we have so that 50 years down the road, our garden city will be as beautiful as it is today :) 

Here's more information for all aspiring musicians and environmental advocates out there:
Campaign Launch Date: 16 June 2014 
Submission closes: 12pm, 8 August 2014 
Competition Finals: 13 September 2014 

Visit http://nea.ecomusic.sg to submit your audio/video entries now! 

Like them on their facebook to keep updated on the latest EMC happenings!  https://www.facebook.com/nea.ecomusic

Good Luck!! <3

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