Monday, November 18, 2013

15Nov David Tao World Tour in Fuzhou!

Fuzhou pitstop was one of the best this tour, 
because the boss specially arranged for a hotspring getaway for the band. 

Window seats gave me a bird's eye view 

Lyrics writing on the plane..

Reached our villa at night 
and was greeted by a hugeass bed with romantic dim lights, 
comfy duvet and sheets..
and the room all by myself :D 

I prepared black mask for this occasion hahaa

The next morning i woke up to a mountainous view :D 

A look outta the window.. 

Did i mention we have private hotspring baths on the balcony?!?!?!? 

Strolled to breakfast place!

Fuel for the morning :)

So so healthy. 
Strolled back to our villa after breakfast, 
breathing in the fresh clean air...

Went for a jog after!!! 
It was amazing, my first jogging past mountains and fields..

Ended off this retreat/work afternoon at the outdoor hotspring! 
Here's us clad in bathrobes wandering around, 
soaking in different hotsprings infused with therapeutic tea bags. 

Time for the real work! 
Off we went on a buggy!! 

My work pass.. a little too kinky.

Look at the mountains from a distance!! 
Amazing outdoor concert venue :)

Rehearsals always eat into the night..

A new trick up his sleeves..
Loop station!


Heart-shaped lightings.. how cute!

Loved my rock look for the night!

Where david made everyone drink again...

Next Stop,
Last show in china, Guangzhou!!!

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