Friday, November 16, 2012

Get Set, 就走!Photoshoot Behind-the-Scenes PART I - THE BEDROOM SCENE

Preparing for an EP photoshoot is like preparing for a wedding shoot,
there's simply too many things for a girl to do!!

I'm going to go into bimbo-mode, i swear it's tough being a girl.
Thanks to all my sponsors i got it easier!

Weeks before the shoot,
I had a hair makeover by my awesome hairstylist Evande from Shunji Ion,

I sat in the salon for an entire afternoon, 
and did everything i could possibly do with my hair; 
cut, colour, treatment, perm, wash, blow dry!!

My first time perming, and it was a rather conjested feeling hahaha

Days before a pampering mani/pedi session at Manicurious, 

I was so afraid of any form of facial breakouts,
i made sure i had my face soaked in nourishing mask-goodness every single night before sleeping,
i think it worked!

I also did some research on how to reduce bloatedness in the morning, 
so this was what i had on the morning of the shoot -
oatmeal cookies, green tea & banana! 
I have no idea how whether it worked but i was also told black coffee helps! 

Location - The very chic boutique Kam Leng Hotel
My wardrobe assistant diligently steaming away...

 The makeup begins with the magic hands of 
Ros my makeup artiste & evande my hairstylist!

The mess before the proper shoot began..

Here's Chin my stylist with Micky my photographer, 
discussing about the art direction before the shoot...

Little and Daphne from my PR company LIKES COMMUNICATION, 
standing in as DJs, blasting my song away to create the right mood!! 

Surveying the battleground..
First shoot location of the day - On the bed!! 

Chin's teaching me how to give a puzzled out-of-bed 
GET SET 就走 look! 

More tutorials? hahaha
sexy much!!

Getting ready for my first ever bed scene...

Cameras.. GET SET, go!

Yea now you know, i wasn't naked! 

One of the unrevealed footages..
i honestly loved this outfit! 


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  1. shoot for album/video? or just a looking sexy photo? ^^