Friday, November 30, 2012

Go Beach Nikoi Island!

In between in the madness of gigging, preparing of album, and managing my business,
i found free time oh precious free time to rest!

No work, no worries, no cellphone,
just 2 days of pure relaxation and indulgence for all senses.

Welcome to Nikoi Island (: 

If you don't already know,
I love beaches and the great outdoors and i never get sick of them.
If there is a chance for me to lead an alternative life,
i hope i can be raised next to the beach,
and i will be surfer singer-songwriter like Jack Johnson,
on the weekends i would train and swim with the dolphins as my freelance job.
I digress.

This is another one of those private islands which you have to take multiple transport to,
except it took me only 2-3hours journey from Singapore
unlike my previous arduous journey to Perhentian..

We reached the island via a short speedboat ride..

Reception area 

 Happy Nikoi Island chalkboard greetings
screamed HAPPY HOLIDAYS in my face

Nikoi Island is really small,
it's a private island that took us only 30mins to trek around

If only words could describe how pleasantly surprised i was at my crib..
This was the walkway to my hut, there were no doors, 
an open-air/one-with-nature concept double storey villa!

I didn't check out online what it would look like beforehand,
so i was really blown away by the decor and wooden furnishings, and the sea-view!!
Yes, the SEAVIEW. 
You can't see it in the picture below due to the over-exposure,
but the villa faces the vast ocean extending out into nothingness,
it was breath-takingly beautiful!!

The little hut on the left hand side of the villa was actually a massage area, 
guests can actually engage professional masseuse for a relaxing massage 
within the comforts of their own villa...
plus SEAVIEW, need i emphasize more?

Just chillin' post snorkelling..

Climbed up to 2nd floor and threw myself on the comfy bed,
marvelling at the same freaking sea-view, 
at that point i thought my life was complete.

Hello sweet dreams (:

As Lush 95 would've put it - Relax, Recline, Relish. 
The is the smile of complete contentment. 

My mouth was agape at the grandiosity of the toilet, it was DIVINE. 
And i need to add, it was weird going about my private affairs in front of Mr Buddha.

When we were done relishing in our heavenly abode,
we headed to the dining common area and were once again amazed at our meals.
I don't think i've eaten so well in such a long time. 

Each meal was a different menu consisting of a sumptious 3 course meal,
inclusive of starters, main and dessert. 
Everyone gotta have the same food because ingredients are specially imported from across the ocean,
Nikoi is..well, a private island afterall, it's only function as a tourist beach destination.
Along with it's privacy came a downside - meals were expensive, going at $100 per day per person :(

The Beach 
was literall empty and i loved it. 
I spent days just lying on the sundeck reading, watching the sun go down..
it was complete serenity and calmness (:

Dec was a bad month to be in Nikoi Island due to its unfriendly weather.
We could only do seasports activities in the morning when the tide is high,
post afternoon, the tide is too low for snorkeling/kayaking..
Even what could've been an amazing sunset was hidden behind layers of wispy clouds,
pillowing the rays and casting a gloomy vibe across the beach.
I was told you can see turtle lay eggs during good seasons! 

I haven't had the chance to read in a long time,
been so busy caught up with everyday life reading is considered a luxury.

In one with nature...
Despite the imperfect weather, pink and orangey hues formed behind the clouds,
creating a glowing reflection in the waters (:

Night fell,
Romantic Candlelight Dinner, wineglass-in-hand, sand-in-feet,
it was a perfect celebration for me and my boy (:

The walkways were dimly-lit with fire torches,
we chanced upon a huge projector with an extensive movie selection,
and bean bags scattered on the floor!
We were super happy with the crazy movie collection and chose the "Bucket List",
 a movie i wanted to watch for a long time but never had the chance..
Needless to say, the movie was fab and i cried my eyes out :(

I spent my last morning on the idyllic island soaking in the serenity, 
reading on my balcony while listening to the sounds of the waves crash upon the shores,
it was a perfect ending to my stay in Nikoi (:

That was my last trip of the year, 
and a break before crazy december leading up to my album launch..
Mantra for the year.. WORK HARD, PLAY HARD! 

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