Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crazyworld Showcase Afterthoughts.. [其实我。。。]后续(:

*Warning: A mega of post ahead!

I had a such a great first ticketed showcase a week back at Crazyworld Cafe,
that i don't even know where to begin. 

I was having trouble sleeping a few nights before my show, 
cos there were so many things on my mind - 
song sequence, song selections, weaving a content around the show, 
scripting what i'll say, rehearsals, marketing and ensuring people turn up for the show etc.etc.

Thankfully, i had the help of Edgar and Florence (owners of the awesome cafe),
who not only designed the beautiful poster, 
but also helped a lot in marketing my show, 
organizing twitter contests for tickets giveaway (: 
Not forgetting my trusty team of trio - Daphne, Pei Pei & Little, 
who stayed with me for a few hours straight at crazyworld one night, 
discussing and kickstarting my planning for the show.. LOVE!!

It was just overwhelming for a newbie like me, 
and i would often find myself imagining what it'll be like during showday, 
rehearsing the lines to myself while i'm alone driving, lying on my bed in the middle of the night.
I was serious about making the show a great one!! 

And i didn't want to reveal its content to anyone close to me, 
because i really wanted to keep it a surprise, 
especially to those whom i was going to talk about in my show. 

Nights before, i started to come down with a bad sore throat :( 
Thank god for mummy's love (: 
 Heartwarming pear soup,


I was extremely encouraged by the fullhouse,
and the long queue outside the cafe before show started.
It was truly a turnout unexpected (: 

Everyone who came to my show received a nametag! 

I started off the show with a positive note,  
singing my first mandarin single from my upcoming EP - “勇敢证明” (: 
This was a song that i wrote shortly after i quit my job, 
and that point of time i was lost, and afraid of stepping out into the unknown. 
So it was written to motivate myself, 
as can be seen in the bridge section of the lyrics "整颗心(郑可欣),let it show!", 
and i hope this goes on to inspire all others to go after their passion (: 

I went on to share about the very beginnings, 
where i took the stage with my dear friend Jessica in a singing competition during our jc days. 
We were fondly known as 153.5, and successfully clinched 1st for the singing category!
(Read more about how i started here

 Signed, sealed delivered by Stevie Wonder,
my first ever song sung on stage (:

I also shared about my family, 
and how they had a huge influence towards my love for singing (: 
I love my sister, 
but i've always had a huge problem...
people just can't stop mistaking us for each other!! 

So, to address my frustrations and to put a stop to all these, 
i did a spoof... of kewei's song!! 

The highlight came after (unknowingly), 
when i invited kewei up on stage to do a duet with me (: 
We did the song 踮起脚尖爱 by 洪佩于,
because we recently recorded a youtube of it, 
and also because the song reminded me of the experience i had at SuperIdol PK

I didn't expect her to come up and say so much about me, so i was really very touched.
I tried very hard not to tear but we still gave in at the end!

The road has indeed been difficult for me because of our resemblance, 
but i honestly never blamed her for it.. 
I guess i can only prove my singing abilities with time.. 
For now, i'm just grateful i can live my dreams with the support of my dear family (: 

I also shared my thoughts on love during the show, 
and when the time came to wrap up, 
i ended off the set with a passion-filled rendition of 热情的沙漠!!

Kudos to my musicians who did the manly grunts!!

Thank you to my fantastic musicians for the great accompaniment!! 
A singer is indeed nothing without her musicians! 

Introducing Matt on keys, Melvin on bass and Daniel on percussion!!
Daniel's also a professional photographer who took my poster picture! 
My team from Sparkle who came to support! 
Friends i travelled around US with (: 
Thank you both for coming!! 
Thanks for the gifts from my favouritest people in the world (: 
 And evon, socky etc for the LOVEEE!!

And all others who came, 
i wish i could talk to you more and thank you personally for the support! 
Thank you for making my show a success, 
I can't wait to see you all at my EP launch next month!! 

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