Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Street-Busking "Get Set 就走!"

Yes, it's official,
i'm hitting the streets with Fatt to busk!

I've done so many different kinds of gigs; weddings, corporate Dnds, car/watch/fashion launches,
but i've never sung on the streets before!
So fatt and I decided to reach out to a wider audience this Christmas,
and what better way than busking???

Of course, we had to apply for the busking license, mind you we are the "fine" city,
so several months back, we auditioned with the National Arts Council at the National Library...

Back then we bought a Roland BA-330 portable speakers from Swee Lee
but we later realized some problems with it. 
The folks at Swee Lee were so kind to refund us even after we used it for the audition!! 

A month later, we were notified of our successful application!! 
Thanks to the panel of judges who put us through! 

A little teaser video during Christmas to kick-start our busking!

Day 1 - Busking in the rain? 
It was not a good start for Operation Busking. 
Hours before, the skies were grey, 
parking was torturously hard to find at Wheelock place, 
and we had to park nearby because there were so much barang we had to bring for busking!!! 

Thankfully, we had the help of so many kind souls, 
who braved through the rain for me just to kick start the operation *touched 

Here's peipei my holding the brollie for everyone else lugging the 
1) portable speakers 
2) fatt's footdrums + high stool 
and other barangs out of my small car. 

It was a struggle handling all the stuff in the rain, 
little and daphne in the picture below... struggling on the right!
and Sam on the left hand arm holding the portable speakers, another the brolly... 
poor guys.. 

The rain was so bad we had to evacuate to the underpass connecting Ion to wheelock!
The traffic was great and there was natural acoustics in the tunnel hehe 
We only managed to sing 3 songs before the security came to chase us away..
we were so loud Breadtalk could hear us oops lol..
Here are my helpers! 
And Justin on the left who came to film us!! 

Day 1 concluded rather abruptly and we were unfortunately unable to do further busking :(

Day 2 - Sunshine after the rain! 
We almost thought we couldn't make it
but heaven didn't let us down and showered us with weather-goodness!!!

It was, in my opinion, an awesomee weather!
The cool breeze after the rain made our busking experience a real "breeze" hehe (pardon the pun),
and the response was overwhelmingly great!

After scribbling some words on a cardboard, 
we are ready to hit it!! 

My trusty busking partner.. Mr FATT KEW!!! (and i'm not swearing)
Legendary footdrummer/guitarist, inventor of "Fingerstyle guitar" iphone app.. that's him! 
Visit www.lickbyneck.com or download "fingerstyle guitar" if you want to learn guitar now!

The crowd started to gather after a few songs...
Confidence boost indeed!

I don't know if it's the spirit of christmas that got everyone into the mood of giving, 
but i was really touched by people when they started to make "donations" to us!! 

That's me soliciting money from the minor.. 
no seriously the baby is sucha a cutie!! 
i was trying to hold his hands hahah

 Surprised by everyone's generosity by the end of our 45mins set! 
Thank you all for your kind donation!! 

Even had really sweet people coming up to take photos with me (: 

This little girl is simply adorable!!

 Thank you CHA BAN SHENG for the sound system!!
I had such a difficult time looking for a good one..
and diya/carrie agreed to lend it to us without any hesitation..
Truly touched by your kindness!!!! T_T

We will be back for more!!
Like me on my facebook to stay updated on our appearances!! :D
Check out this video for some shots of our busking - Tay Kexin 'Prove Myself' MV 郑可欣《勇敢证明》MV

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