Friday, December 28, 2012

Lookback on the Year 2012...

YEAR 2012 has been a year of surprises,
of dreams fulfilled 
and of hopes refueled. 

I'm so grateful just being able to do what i love everyday of my life, 
and what i achieved this year went above and beyond this expectation. 

It was a year of many memorable first-s, 
i worked hard; did about 200 shows, ran Sparkle Live Music from scratch since Mar, 
but i played as well; i travelled 7 times, all with different loved ones in my life (: 

Some picks from Performances of 2012 

Travelogue 2012

A Year Of Many First-s

Started Sparkle Live Music, 
a company that provides live bands with 2 of my dearest musician friends Kewei & Ein ein, 

Some picks among the hundreds of shows i did with Sparkle..

thanks to Toshiba :)

Interviewed the Wanted 

and even went on to travel host in Bangkok with resident host Joanne, 
thanks to SingTel, especially Leonard, Pris & Leya!!

Hosted my first very own ticketed showcase at Crazyworld Cafe
thanks to 2 very passionate cafe bosses who believe and fight for music to be appreciated (:
It was my first heart-to-heart showcase with the audience,
many of whom had followed me since my beginning as a singer.

Thank you all who came and supported, 
i will never forget singing to a full house of appreciative audience that afternoon (: 

My trusty musicians - Matt on keys, melvin on bass, daniel on percussions
Watch the full concert video here 

Had my first album photoshoot with a fab stylist - Chin. 
Here's us on the bed while shooting for my album cover (:

More on the behind-the-scenes shoot in my blog entry.. next year!

On top of Pearl centre carpark..
if you flip open my album you'll see a very sullen-face me, 
and this was where it was taken!

Launched my first album/EP, "Get Set 就走", 
the place where i grew as a singer over the past year, 
on 20.12.2012. (:
I took a year to write songs, work with producers like Tat Tong, Jim Lim & James 
who made my songs sound better than i've ever imagined them to be. 
There i stood, one year later, with songs to call my own (:

More grabs from the kind friends/fans/supporters who came, 
i'm truly sorry if i didn't have a chance to thank you in person, 
but really a huge shoutout to all who showered me with your presence and love <3
Will consolidate and upload the launch pics... next year (: 

Tat tong, my producer came to the launch :)
He produced both my mandarin songs, 
and he was the one that helped kick-start my writing process..
Thank you Tat.  

So grateful that many important people in my life came to support (:
Love you all from the bottom of my heart!
Fatt my musician/friend/busking partner/mentor, My papa mama, 
my sister, my dearie friends since JC - Kong Chew & Gigi

Spotted my cd on the shelves for the first time, 
it's now out on all CD Rama stores (: 

Went on Radio YES 933 for the first time 
and really enjoyed myself chatting with Ivy (: 
It wasn't as scary as i thought! 

Auditioned for busking license, got through,  
then busked on the streets for the first time, and felt a kind of joy i've never experienced before 
when i saw people stop to listen and groove to the tunes (: 


My first Java Jazz experience was with fellow musicians, 
we flew to Jakarta for a 3 days filled with nothing but great music :D
In all-singaporean/kiasu-fashion, we queued 2 hours earlier for the legend Stevie Wonder's show, 
and stood first row right in the middle!!!

What a great year (:
2013, i'm going to WORK HARDER and PLAY HARDER!!

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