Monday, September 17, 2012

o o o o.. i'm chasing The Wanted!

Thanks to Singtel,
i got the chance to share some private time with The Wanted!

The webisode's out! Watch it here (: 

Most people of my age don't know who they are, 
but they are like a mega boyband for the teenage girls 
(think nsync, backstreet boys of our era)

The Wanted - Chasing the Sun

It was such a nerve-wrecking experience it being my FIRST TIME interviewing anyone,
and it HAD to be this mega huge boyband.
It's unbelievable.

At the press conference

To be honest, i had no idea who these boys are,
i didn't know their names, and i only knew one song (chasing the sun).
So i was frantically learning and matching their names to their faces.

Come interview time,
the boys were surprisingly really nice.
Mark the director was kind enough to let them know that it's my first time on the job,
so they were particularly kind to me.

I was tasked to ask them a series of fan questions very quickly,
and they had to answer spontaneously without much thought,
so they were making a whole lot of racket answering the questions all at one time.

They were so rowdy during the interview that i made a DEADLY MISTAKE, 
it's so unforgivable it's funny. 
I actually called them "The Switch" instead of "The Wanted". 

Thank GOD the boys were not paying attention but my camera crew were sniggering behind the lens.. 
I quickly skipped to the next question before they caught what i said, 
Good one for a first try kexin -_-

I think Max (the baldie) is the cutest!

Them doing the gangdam style

Anw they were really a crazy bunch,
they leaped up from their seats to do a gangdam style when i requested for one.
And they were cheering when i did my outro
"Hi my name is kexin,
i have a boyfriend,
but nothing is forever."

LOL. how's that for an outro.

Small chinese girl with the boys from The Wanted
Left to right: Nathan, Siva, Max, Jay, Tom. 

All in all it was a great first try!
Special thanks to Singtel folks though (leonard, pris, leya), the filming crew, makeup artiste
and Love, Bonito for my cutesy getup! (: 

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