Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's a regular affair..

I lovee doing my Thurs regulars at Switch (:

Switch is the newest Timbre Branch located right next to the Singapore Art Museum, 
and one of the first few bars to host bilingual live music!

And i'm so very happy to witness,
and also be part of this up & coming trend (:
Singaporeans need some live bilingual music!

What i really like about doing regulars, 
is having friends that i've not seen for years coming to support me (:

I've long-lost secondary school/uni friends,

dearie steph, my uni-mate, people say we look alike!

dearie family members,

current close girlfriends, 

Thanks jianqiang for always supporting and your song dedications!

Alan & Jason, thanks for the photography/brainstorm session!
I'm so spoilt at Switch because i have people bringing sweet treats!!
Here's Linda and her awesomeee brownies,
check out her baking website
And all the way from Australia, 
thanks shang for dropping by! 
Definitely won't forget evon and her twelve cupcakes!!
Thanks for the continuous support & turning up for all my shows!
Appreciate it deep!

with all these people turning up weekly at my regular spots,
i'm sooo grateful.

i'm not exactly best at keeping friends
partly cos my job doesn't allow me to be free when most people are. 
So it's really a heartwarming feeling catching up with so many people i know.

There are many things i love about Switch,
  • It's quirky yet cozy interior
Switch's fully packed for fridays/sats,
and for Thurs you sometimes even gotta queue!
So please make advance reservations if you want good seats (: 

  • the fantabulous western-asian fusion inspired food,
    not to mention the cool ipad ordering system,
I'm there every single week so trust me for food reco!!
First timers MUST TRY the timbre's signature..
It's a wonderful mix of sweet-salty hoisin sauce & mozzarella cheese,
topped with roasted duck & crispy popiah skin!! 

& my personal favourite asian dish is the 
Super comfort food that warms my tummy mmm...
The angel hair pasta is served with a thick broth of wolfberries & red dates (:

For a refreshing Ladies' drink, you have to try 
it's a mix of house vodka, lychee liquer & ribena.. i love!

Alfred's my super partner! 
Though we are not a duo, we've been singing together for ard 4-5 years 
for various weddings & events at Sparkle Live Music (
He's suave, funny & not to mention really talented!
Not only does he have a rockin' tone & versatility, 
his impersonation skill of louis armstrong, andy lau, jacky cheung etc. is flawless.
You gotta come to hear it for yourself!

  • and the ever-entertaining dedication system
    that played a part in celebrating so many people's
    birthdays, hen's night, marriage anniversaries, career promotion, farewell etc.
Switch is definitely somewhere you wanna be at for all occasions! 

Want somewhere with great food, perfect ambience, good live music to hangout?
Come join me!

@ SWITCH by Timbre
73 Bras Basah Road

Say hi if you do (:

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  1. hi! :)
    Thanks for your mention! Will be planning a visit soon! :)