Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lifestyle Gadget Sponsor - The New Toshiba M840!

I'm a proud owner of the Toshiba M840 - Gold Blaze
launched alongside the Toshiba Satellite Star Campaign Jun-Aug 2012

I had the good fortune to be featured as Singapore's Satellite Star, 
here's my story, filmed and produced by Toshiba!

The New Satellite M840 series is an affordable notebook with configurations that 
meets the expectations of youth to tackle daily computing challenges with ease. 
It comes in 3 exciting colours and mirrored designs which allows youth to 
flaunt their personality in style! 

3 things you cannot miss about this new kid on the block!

#1 Eye-catching design & Super sleek profile 

Make a fashion statement with this uniquely metallic mirrored finishing!
Comes in Gold, Pink and Turquoise! Which one is you?

Are you a blue horizon? 
hmm.. this one ain't a perfect match with my personality...
i'm not really a gadget girl..

Alright, i'm not gna pretend that i don't love pink..
 I mean my iphone cover's bright pink, my fav dress' neon pink...
BUT i'm not exactly a fashionista either..

Seriously, gold blaze is perfect.
I'm always in for a great adventure,
i'm a hopeless wanderlust meets workaholic.
This is exactly what i need!!

Working made easy while travelling in australia (:

#2 Great Usability 

#3 Digital Lifestyle 

Read more about this awesome product here

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