Friday, May 6, 2016

[那些年的小幸运]"You are the Apple of My Eye" X "Our Times"

Yeap, and that video shot right up to 1.7million views on MICappella's Facebook page!! 
Our fb Likes went insane, making us the biggest vocal band in Asia!

We appeared on local newspaper,

We were trending on China Weibo,  
and also caught the attention of Taiwanese TVBS News!

Here's a video response we did to thank everyone for the overwhelming support!
Do watch it too if you're interested in how the arrangement was done!
编曲过程,由 Peter 解释 :) 

We were also featured on many online platforms 

Our Facebook likes quadrupled and we were flooded with fan mails, 
many telling of sweet stories about how our version of the song has touched them.

This lady from Hong Kong said she cried when she heard our version,
because she said the song tells of her love story with her fiancé!
He was the apple of her eye from her younger days, and now that they are finally getting married,
she was asking for permission to use our mash-up as her wedding theme song. :D

The fact is, we've been making youtube covers consistently over the years, 
and we went ahead with this project with the same amount of passion and fervour as we did 
for the rest of the youtube covers. 

 It is amazing how over a few million people from all around the world has heard our voices.
It's even more amazing when we actually hear from them,
and these are people with different cultures, backgrounds, ages, personalities and stories to tell.
To be able to touch hearts and people i've never met,
to have a place in their lives,
that is human connection.


We definitely had a tonne of fun filming the video with Juo Productions!
Thank you Jaze and Jerry for the creative touch
and also to Nanyang Girls' High School for lending us the school for the shoot!

This pair of bata cost me 13bucks hehe
And of course, i had to roll down those socks!

Fun fact; as a student, i used to be so bad at Math and Sciences!
I have always been an Arts Student.

So you might have noticed this motherly character in the video.
She is in fact a real life Mathematics and Chemistry teacher,
and had has decades of teaching experience.
I've heard from my friends that she is super 慈祥 and well-loved by all her students.
The best thing is, she's Peter(our band leader/vocal percussionist)'s Mum!!

That morning, we were also completely floored by her acting skills.
That lady has a hidden talent!

Reviewing our take for the bullying scene.
The short footage took us so long to shoot because Eugene just couldn't bring himself to be an ass!
He's a gentleman in real-life and he had a lot of difficulty with playing the role of a bully lol!

We were really queuing up for a drink when we realised that this is a perfect shot.
How nostalgic!

Scene Out-Takes

If you noticed, the classroom scene is actually a one-shot take.
The camera was on,
from the point when we climbed up the stairs to when i dropped the apple,
and finally when i passed by my crush along the corridor!

It was actually easy for me to play the role of 林真心 because i could so totally identify with her!
I used to have this HUGEE crush on a boy from sec 1 but because i was ugly,
all i could do was to admire him from a distance.
He got attached in Sec 3 and i was heart-broken.

Hope you enjoyed the video as much as we enjoyed shooting it! <3

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