Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#JetSetKex in Iceland - Jokusarlon Ice Lagoon


A glacier river lagoon in SouthEast Iceland. 
The lake only developed some 60 years ago when glaciers started receding from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. 

A little vblog :)

Drive from Route 1 between Hofn and Skaftafell and you'll see the luminous blue from a distance.
It's no green screen.
The view outside my window!

The drive was truly unforgettable,
especially when the lagoon came into our view. 
If heaven is a place on earth, that would be it.
We parked our cars and literally ran towards the lagoon like little kids.

Ticketing booths. 

We had originally booked the Zodiac Boat Tour because it allows us to go really close to the glaciers.
Their tagline is, "Be One With the Lagoon". Go figure lol.
You can book your tours here <<http://icelagoon.is/>>

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't doing too well on the day of our visit.
We had to settle with the Amphibian Boat Tour,
which also sails out into the lagoon. :) 

I really can't express how awed i was surrounded by the massive pieces of floating ice. 
They glistened under the sunlight in all shades of blue and came in different shapes and sizes.

We had an adorable guide who spoke English in a Spanish accent.
She picked up a piece of ice and started delving into the geology and facts of the lagoon.

We even had a taste of the 1000 year old ice!

Legit Popsicle.

We sailed around the lagoon so that we could witness its beauty from all sides.
We even saw some seals suntanning on the glaciers!
At the end of the 40mins tour, 
we got back on the black sand beach and spent the longest time there.

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