Tuesday, June 30, 2015

City of London Tour 26-27June 2015

It was an overseas tour that i will never forget. 
London took on a different meaning for me this time, and i'm so grateful towards the city for giving me perspective on what life can be.

I poured my innermost feelings to strangers i just met over Pimms, 
i rode a bicycle around town alone, 
i saw babies crying and tourists buying vanilla cones from the ice cream truck, 
i saw people relaxing and chatting over coffee by the pier, 
i sang to strangers who were having their lunchtime bites at the square and some eventually bought our albums, 
i sang at a church without microphones and watched as a mother held her kid in her arms and bobbed along to our tunes. 
I went to a sunday market with my dear bandmates and tried retail therapy. 
My senses were flooded with the sounds of busking musicians and sizzling food on pans, sight of colourful fruit cups and graffiti walls, quirky hipster londeners selling vintage/leather goods, and felt the warmth of the afternoon sunrays against the gentle summer breeze. 

We were lucky to have encountered days of blue skies during our visit in London and according to a friend, it only happens 2 weeks every year. 

Life goes on no matter what happens in the head. And i'm glad London taught me that. 
One of the greatest comfort i got was the band's support, and for that i am so so blessed to have MICappella's love. 
Thank you Juni, Mingwei, Peter, Eugene, Diana and Cal for having my back. 
You guys are such gems.

Rooftop Interview!

My boys!

Lunch Time performance at Paternoster Square! 
So proud to be bearing the Singapore flag :)

The good folks from NAC came to watch our performance! 

St Magnus the Martyr Church

It was our first time performing at a church, stripped down with no microphones. 
The acoustics of the beautiful church carried our voices and sent it to heaven. 

I left my heart at Brick Lane. 

These boys are the best shopping partners a girl can ever ask for. I swear.

I would buy salad from these guys all day.

Summer Pina Coladas.

Rainbow juices for a pound.


Camden Town.

Burger and Lobster!!! 

I went for the grilled lobster, 
on hindsight if you ever visit the restaurant, get the steamed one! 
It brings out the true flavour of the lobster more compared to the grilled one.


And i was promptly chased off the ledge by a policeman after taking this photo.
That bridge was too picture perfect!

Borough Market 


Diabetic Turkish Delights.

Ethiopian Cuisine!

It looks like a mushy mess but it was honestly very comforting!
Lentils, Spinach, Chicken and Injera (gluten-free flat bread). 

London you were beautiful, I'd really love to come back one day.
And hopefully when i return, i'm whole again, 
stronger, wiser and more self-assured than what i was this time. 
I'd like to experience your beauty in its full glory,
I'll see you again. :)

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