Sunday, April 12, 2015

Remember Dakota Crescent :'(

The Remember Dakota Crescent Party was held to bid farewell to this small estate built in 1958 
by HDB's predecessor, Singapore Improvement Trust. 
These 17 blocks of low-rise flats have been untouched ever since then 
and the estate houses retro sand-pitted playgrounds, buildings, and the lovely Tian Kee & Co. Cafe etc. 
Sadly, it will be due for redevelopment by 2016, 
so hurry down there to savour the last bit of 1960s SG before it is gone!! 

Check out our stage space on the 2nd level of the building above Tian Kee & Co.! 

Old school charm.

At the front of Tian Kee & Co. Cafe was a shelf of retro books!
Who doesn't love Enid Blyton's?

Hanging before performance with the LionCityKia ShiggaShay!

With the boss of Tian Kee & Co. and the lovely ladies from the community dance club!

This has got to one of the most memorable performance singing along a HDB Corridor!! 

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