Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dayang Solo Diving Trip!

So i decided to go for my first ever solo diving trip. 
It was kinda daunting, the thought of travelling with strangers, 
but they say it will never go wrong with a bunch of divers.. and they were right!! 

From strangers to friends, we hit off so well and had 4D3N of pure dive, sleep, eat, repeat fun! 
The best part about this trip was we had no internet connection and that really got us bonding!!

I've got my advanced diving license ohh yeahhh!!! 
And... i finally found a bunch of diving buddies to explore more of the deep blue with!!

 Selamat Datang Pulau Dayang!

A geographical representation of Dayang's location

"Be dive ready... always."
Says the little boy's face hehehe 

Day 1 of Diving Lezzzgooo!

We took a speedboat out to where our diving boat was at :)

Errbaday gearing up!

Let the selfie begin :)

Group shot of both the beginner and advanced divers!!

Day 2, the morning sun casted a warm glow on the wooden decks :)

 Daily breakfast buffet spread..

Breakfast was a hearty mix of heart-clogging' sausages, nuggets, curry puffs, 
roti prata, kueyteow and corn on cob :D

Dayang Sayang :)

The family responsible for cooking our every meal! :D

Back to diving!
Here's me and my instructor, Michael :)
I was having a lot of problems hovering and he was guiding me along.

That's me trying to hover on the right while the others camwhore.


We saw this cute sea turtle and followed it around :D

We did a total of 4 dives on Day 2 before the sun started to set.
We had one more night dive before we called it a day.

Me and my diving buddy, Marilyn!! <3
She saved my life by alerting me to a trigger fish.
It was apparently following me very closely behind 
as i was happily finning my way around the ocean bed!

Night Dive :D

We rose up to the surface to an eclipse moon!
It was so amazing watching a sky full of stars and a lunar eclipse moon
as we floated in the sea, slowly finning back to the boat.

It later evolved to become a full moon!
This doesn't freaking look real!

Just look at the stars. 
We were treated to a sky of constellations above, 
and a sea of glowing planktons below with each fin kick. 
I could cry. 

End of dive, let the party begin! 
DJ Jerald foo spinning on beer cardboard case.


@ Mersing Jetty,
Leroy and I got a turtle keychain for everyone so that we would all go home with a piece of Dayang,  and the memory of the sea turtle with us :D

Mersing and ramly goes hand in hand :)
Just my luck that by the time it was for me to order, they ran outta eggs :'(
It's a travesty I say, Ramly without eggs!!! 


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  1. Hi, may I know if I can go there and stay without diving?
    How much is the accommodation?
    or perhaps, maybe you can let me know the package rates that you took.