Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cable Car Sky Dining

It was my first time dining in the sky. 
And of course i never would have imagine myself doing something as cheesy as this, 
but it turned out to be one of our most memorable meals dining in private up in the sky :)

We had a first class sunset view!

We opted for the 4 course meal which came with 
Welcome Champagne, Starter and Soup, a Main Course and finally Dessert.
To be honest, the meal wasn't good, but the ambience and my company made up for it :)

Starters - Apple smoked duck.

The cable car went for 3 rounds, each time serving a different course. 
So technically we were kinda rushing to finish our meal before the next round
which to me wasn't that great especially since i am a slow eater.

The dining experience started at 6pm so that we could watch the day-to-night transition
of the scenery as the sun sets :) 

It was pretty nice watching the sky fall into darkness,
and the buildings light up :D

Main course was Confit of Norwegian Salmon :)

Finally dessert, Red Fruit Compote. 

The entire dining experience took about 1.5 hours which was too short!
I wish we had more time up there though :(:(
But nevertheless, it was a really interesting romantic dining experience with my sweetheart :)

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