Saturday, March 28, 2015

Malaysian Roadtrip to Kota Tinggi Waterfalls!!


I swear this was one of the most fun i've had with such a big group of crazy people!!!
We set off early in the morning for the inaugural CNY road trip 
to Ein's house and Chanel's Hometown - Kota Tinggi!

The whole bunch of us are singers/musicians and plus ones!
Armed with walkie talkies, we took to the roads, 
playing singing games on our walkies throughout the entire journey! 

After a few hours' drive, we reached Kota Tinggi, Chanel's hometown!

Here's Chanel's uncle chilling out in front of his Restoran/Mama shop!

Hoe Heng Mama Shop is owned by Chanel's parents as well
and they were very kind to offer us ice creams on the crazy hot day :D

Old school petrol kiosk

We sat around and performed a song for Chanel's uncle to thank them for their kind hospitality!

Lunch was at Sengat Seafood Restaurant!

After lunch, i took Chanel's scooter to the Crocodile Farm! 

Crocodile Farm

Check out the massive amount of crocodiles piled on top of each other...

Live Feeding!

Do you know that crocodiles can die from the sound of thunder?
They are so astute with their sense of hearing they can detect prey from ??km away.
And because of that, the sound of thunder is amplified and defeaning to their ears!

This hero showed us the scar he got from a crocodile fight. 
His muscles were bitten off by a croc and it never really grow back!!

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls!!!

Dinner at Ein's place

We feasted to a steamboat meal lovingly prepared by Ein's mummy!

Steamboat, dig in! 

We were famished after the Captain's Ball game in the waterfall!

The must-do in JB... setting off fireworks/fire crackers!

A mega grapeshot with Ein's papa in the middle to end off our epic road trip!! 

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