Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wanderlust in Seoul, Korea! [Part II - Sights & Sounds]

Seoul - Everland | DMZ Tour | Street Shopping | 

We set out in the early morning at 8am for the hour ride shuttle to Everland.. 
Grabbed a roll of sushi for breakfast! 

Finally, an hour later we emerged at Everland!
Selfie-stick in hand, we began camwhoring.. 


We had absolutely no idea who those creatures were.
And we found them absolutely horrendous... but we took a picture with them anyway
cos that's what you're supposed to do at Theme Parks.

Aesop's Fables Town

Rose Garden

We started slow with the first theme park ride.. and found ourselves queuing with little kids. 

I was screaming away and the little girls at the front row kept throwing us dirty looks.
At the end of the ride, they were telling their daddy that it wasn't scary enough.
I think i'm getting old.

I decided to take it up one notch and challenged this scariest ride in the theme park! 

My partner in crime.. because the other chickened out. lol

It was a long wait for an hour before we got to the ride...
But we conquered! 

We then went on a kids friendly water bumper ride..
It's apparently ahjumma-friendly as well, 
looking at the number of perfectly permed hair bobbing up and down in front of us in the queue..

 You might've guessed how unscary the ride was looking at 
THESE CUTE BABIES on the same bumper ride as us..
I swear we were checking them out with their mommies the WHOLE TIME..
AWWW raging maternal instincts.

Carousel ride!!


You see photos were not really allowed to be taken..
So i had to take one touristy shot both at the DMZ sign AND a statue of a globe splitted into two. 
I had company :D 

Beware of Landmines. 

Dorasan Train Station 
Bought a ticket to Pyeongyang for 500won at the train station.
Here in the DMZ, I was exactly 205km away from Pyeongyang and 56km away from Seoul City. 
The North and South connected the Gyengui Railway Line at the Military Demarcation Line in 2003. 
And though the train has only travelled to Pyeongyang twice, 
I'm keeping my tickets and fingers crossed that i'll get to use it someday! 

A very deserted Customs area.. 
So squeaky clean because it has never been used. 

Dora Observatory Deck 
...the Northern-most observatory of the South.

STREETS for strolling

Walked on foot from Insadong -> Bukchon Hanok Village --> SamCheongDong 

Ssamzie-gil, Insadong
We spent most of our time at Insadong at this traditional and cultural shopping complex.
It houses over 70 stores selling items ranging from fashion, arts, food, accessories etc. 

Stopped for a cuppa at the rooftop cafe 

Bukchon Hanok Village 
It is a korean traditional village connected by alleys.
You gotta flex some calf muscles here cos there are plenty of upward and downward inclines.
But it's definitely an interesting spot with many hanoks (korean traditional houses)
still inhabited by the locals.
And for that reason, tourists are asked to keep it down when talking a stroll along the alleys
so as not to disturb the neighbourhood :)  

This is an actual guesthouse! 

Home to many distinctive cafes, shops and galleries,
this place is ideal for those with an eye for beauty.
It marries European style cafes & trendy shops with the traditional landscape
and is perfect for those looking for a relaxing weekend stroll. :)

I really don't have many pictures over here at MyeongDong because i was just tooooo
spent from all the shopping and walking!!!
This is paradise for those shopaholics and girls with a mad skincare regime.
Facial masks is dirt cheap and everything is tax-free.

So go on, grab your products and freebies like no tomorrow.
This a black hole that doesn't just suck your money dry,
it sucks your soul dry too lol.

I spent a couple of nights there and trust me,
i've never been more tired of shopping
and i think i've exceeded my quota for shopping for the rest of the year. 

The shopping street that never sleeps. 
It was 2am in the morning and the streets were still bustling with life!
The downside?
Everything was so expensive.
I swear most of the items can be found on taobao at a much cheaper cost.
So this is a nono for me. 

It is a wholesale centre so you gotta grab at least 2 items, otherwise they won't sell. 
I was dead tired by 3am. 

Read about my Seoul food discoveries here :) 

Next Blog Entry on Busan!! 

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