Monday, June 10, 2013

David Tao World Tour 2013,陶喆 [小人物狂想曲]世界巡回演唱会 - Taiwan Rehearsals

The experience has been nothing short of amazing,
the musicians i met, 
the adrenaline of performing on stage with a superstar, 
the things i've learnt about performing live in front of thousands of people.. 
It was something i never thought i had a chance of doing. 

Meet the amazing band.
My travelling mates for the next year :)
Top row LtoR: David Tan backing vocalist mentor, Charis Chua, Me, Jing Jing on guzheng,
2nd row: Jordan on keys, Tony on Sax,
3rd row: Music Director Kheng Long, Christine Sham on keys,
Last row: Chris on drums, Blackie on percussions, Sham on guitar, Casey on bass! 

20-26Apr - Rehearsal in Shanghai 
We had an intensive 5-day rehearsal in Taiwan several weeks before the show..
It was the first time meeting musicians from all over the world, 
and it was some kind of magical that music is able to bond people.. no matter where you're from :) 

My work station..

Mr DT in the house..

With my backing vocals partner Charis from Malaysia!

Comforting meals after rehearsals!
I had to dabao a bowl of 啊宗面线!
And may i say 卤肉饭 is one of those delicious yet simple meal that i simply love!!

Mornings consist of heading over a tiny cafe tucked in a little corner behind our hotel, 
ordering latte for the long day ahead(: 

My favouritest Taiwanese lunch 便当, 
冷面 with meatball soup!!! 
We were super well-fed throughout the rehearsals
with yummy lunch and tea time breaks..

Then it was back to work..

Later on we found that rehearsal footages were made into 
David's latest song MV :D
Spot me between 1:51-1:54sec!! lol

The world tour commences in Shanghai on 18May and i can't wait!!!

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