Sunday, June 9, 2013

女人我最大 comes to Singapore!

女人我最大 is here!
The successful Taiwanese beauty tv show is finally here in Singapore,
thanks to Starhub Entertainment & Wawa Productions!

I auditioned to be part of the 女人军团,
loosely translated as the female warriors aka bitching girls on the show,
and i'm thrilled that i scored the role!

The team had a good bonding session with the star 藍心湄 herself,
as well as the creme de la creme of the local beauty scene -
Celebrity stylist Keith Png, Makeup artiste Clarence Lee, Hair stylist Ken Hong
& pro- au naturel beauty guru Bryan

Filming began shortly after,
I was supposed to be featured in 4 episodes,
but due to a clash in dates with David Tao concert shows,
my episodes were reduced to 2 :(

Episode 2 Filming - On dressing to your advantage 

Episode 2 is all about learning how to mask our flaws and flaunt our goodies!

Episode 2 girls with local celebrity make-up guru Clarence Lee!

The filming process was a breeze because 心湄姐 was soo funny!
For the record, nothing was scripted,
we roughly knew the main points we had to say but we didn't know what was coming.
All reactions were real and we had such a great time laughing at each other (no hard feelings).

Lovin' my cool getup styled by Kevin 老师

I've always been vertically-challenged so no surprises on my topic.
I had to take off my monster heels to reveal my real height :(
Things you do for television sigh..

But it's fine, because i embrace my weakness! :D

Press Conference 

Episode 8 Filming - On Whitening 

心湄姐 bought some amazingly delish ready-to-eat snack corn for the whole crew! 
We literally peeled off the husk and it was good to eat!!

The girls on shoot today! 
Left to right, me, Celyn, Kelly and Cheryl :)

My purple streaks curled! 
Thanks to Evande my trusted hairstylist from Hair Atelier by Shunji @ Ion Orchard :)

My POV around the set..

Guest of the day is Jacelyn Tay! 
She's really nice and friendly in person, and was very assuring especially when 
my makeup was removed on screen.. 不愧是阿姐! 

Had the privilege to meet natural wellness guru Bryan! 
He's an advocate for natural and organic remedies and shared a lot of 
interesting tips on the show! 
Find out more on his website

Bryan gave me this bottle of Lavender oil, and he instructed me to 
put some on my throat before performances, 
to calm those pre-stage jitters!! How sweet!! 

Here's one with Taiwan beauty guru, Kevin 老师.
He speaks with such conviction and clarity, 
I learnt so much from him and i always find it a joy listening to his beauty tips!!

Once again thank you Love, Bonito for the lovely dress :D
Always my wardrobe go-to when in doubt!

Catch Lady First Singapore on Ch111/825, Every Monday, 8-9pm!
女人我最大 - 新加坡

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